Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Life is back to pre-Christmas routine.  My sweet baby Shelly left on Friday.  She flew out of Kelowna and got to Kitchener unscathed for New Years celebrations.  I/We had a fantastic time together and I miss her already.  The next chunk of time will seem long.  But the technologists reading this will be happy to know we have an application called Skype, now, and that will hopefully bridge some geographical gaps between us.

Here's one more good pic of my sweetie.

And of course...
So I had a terrific New Years.  I started the night hanging out with Joel and his family.  I had some turkey pie and a beer or two.  We played guitars for a bit and had a great impromtu session changing the lyrics to Honky Tonk Women, to Rossland Women....  Infact, I hung out with Joel quite a bit during the day.  Rossland has two huge outdoor rinks.  We brought Cohen, the blades, and went-at'her for the better part of the afternoon.  What a gorgeous day.  This is just one of the rinks.  Its twin is just out of frame.

To finish the night, I went over to Trevor and Tara's.  They had friends over named Vern and Monique(?).  Monique I think and hope.  Anyhow, cheese fondu was the 8:00 dish and we all had a fill.  The howling mad game of SPOONS started thereafter, and it was a Macaulay whupp'n.  To finish the night we had an outdoor campfire and tobaggan session.  A great time for sure.  Welcome to 2011.

The 2 SPOON Champions - Or losers.
The 2 tobaggan Champions - Vern and Monique
The Champions of Champions - Tara

So Good luck to everyone in 2011.  I haven't resolved to do anything; profound or not.  But unofficially I hope to have a great time in Rossland, keep up the running, get on a motorcycle trip in May/June, finish a course and become more computer savy, and be the best I can be to Shelly = She is something else.

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