Saturday, October 27, 2012

I was just on Kijiji and posted my rim + tire crusher for sale....  Without any hard feelings too.  It sort of reminded me of posting on here actually - So here I am, and the shameful link to the add is, of course,  I have always had good luck buying and selling stuff on Kijiji - let's hope that continues. 

I can't say we've just been hanging around.  It has been quite busy.  Shelly is well into her run of Rocky Horror Picture Show, playing at the Livery Theatre in Goderich, Molly is into her run of daycare, at the Goderich Daycare, and me, I am doing a bit of running...

I haven't seen Rocky Horror yet, but I was at the theatre in Stratford the other week with the school to see You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  For the occasion, I thought it would be nice to dress up a bit.  I never wear a tie to school, but I thought for this event, it would be fine.

But everyone is doing fine - Molly's first birthday is next week - She is doing pretty good these days.  She seems to like the daycare and the people, food, toys, and such involved with that.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Molly and I were out for a walk the other morning.  My buddy Jeff had just got home from Hullet Marsh, which is one of the best duck hunting spots in southwestern Ontario.

As usual, Jeff did not disappoint, and his brother and him limited out quite quickly in the morning on wood ducks.  Jeff unfortunately, does not quite have the same luck or skill turkey hunting.  Nevertheless Jeff's two kids were elbow deep into the pluck'n and clean'n, so Molly and I joined in as well.  The lighting isn't great in these pictures, but you'll get the idea.

I have my migratory bird stamp, but haven't been out yet - The birds are still plenty save around here.  (And will be still when I am out anyway...)

Monday, October 8, 2012

This happens every 3 months or so...  Not posting, yet there has been enough fun and exciting stuff happening to make mention of.  Oh well.  I am on now and I can post some pictures and stories from this long Thanksgiving weekend.

One of the first orders of business over the last bit was to have a substantial fire to rid ourselves/property of the scrub choke cherries, poplar, and other bits of worthless greenery.  It was actually raining when this got going, but not nearly enough to make any difference of the inevitable outcome.  The pile was really big - much bigger then the picture shows I would say.  We thank the invention of machinery to organize this mess as it was, because there would be nooooo way this stuff could have been hand-bombed.  And yes, there is another pile awaiting this same fate.....  But what a world of difference fire makes for cleaning up a place such as this.  So the farm is looking good.  More fires - and trails with the bulldozer which is on the agenda next.

The next few pictures were taken today - Monday.  Shelly, Molly, and I were at a birthday party and my mom, her husband John, as well as John's mother Doris was there.  So in a round'about way we got everyone in a picture, but that Shelly.  No matter.  The birthday party was a big success with children absolutely everywhere the eye could see.  The scary part is that the next one-year old birthday will be Molly's - in only 4 Saturdays from now!  Good golly.

Shelly and I got out on our own for two hours this weekend when Molly was sleeping.  First we went to the Mennonite produce auction just down the road from her parent's place.  It is the best place to buy produce in bulk, and by bulk, it really is restaurant bulk.  Seeing that we had no need for 50lbs or potatoes, onions, carrots, or the like, we moved on to other adventures.  It was over to the "airport", which is the piece of property we go hunting, fishing, dirt biking at....  It was just great to walk around like it was 2010, and chekc out the hunting blinds that will be in use over the next few months.  They look ready to go.
In a few weeks I hope to be looking down on a deer, rather than my dear.

So I am missing out on a lot of fun activities.  I have been on my motorbike quite a bit lately rip'n around....  Shelly and I were in Toronto last weekend.  We dropped Molly off at the Tremain's in Guelph and she was well taken care of, while we were bar'n it up on Duncan Street and having an all around great time....  My work is going great....  Shelly starts back around Halloween - Shelly is also in the production of Rocky Horror Picture Show in Goderich during the end of the month and she is quite excited to get that going for real.  There has been lots of practicing, as you can imagine, but showtime will be soon enough.  She has an impressive ensemble to wear - it puts the bikini to shame!  So check back in and hopefully she'll pose with it on....  Until then,