Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Joel, Trevor & I

Just a quick video of today's action....  My skill still leaves a lot to be desired.  But I feel I am improving a bit each time out.  There are lots of talented skiers on the slopes, so I am always aware about where I am.  I don't go under the chair lifts too often so that I am not "putting myself out there...." so to speak.   Maybe in another few weeks.

Trevor was working today at the hill.  He is a great guide and knows the lay of the land incredibly well.  It is great being out with him.  I find myself trying to copy his moves and form - as I am sure he did when we ran together on Xmas morning!

And Joel holds his own quite well on the hill.  He masterfully manages the bumps, powder, and terrain just like a local does.  He has a great sense of geography on the hill and knows when to change direction to get us back to the ski lift.  Me, not so much.  No matter.

This video takes an incredibly long time to upload, so I won't load up another one until the content is worth it.

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