Monday, January 17, 2011

Warmer Days

The weather has turned warm.  The snow in Rossland is quickly melting.  The town's roads are mini canals with water flowing from sewer grate to sewer grate in an escapist way.  The temperature must be about 8 above zero, and about zero or slightly warmer at the hill.  The snow is very heavy to ski through.

On Saturday I made it to the hill by noon.  I parked myself in the sun on Ledges, and watched the free ski competition on Mount Roberts for a good 45 mins.  There were about 50 others with the same idea as me, and in my vicinity.  It is hard to say how far away I was from the competition - probably 1km, although the sight lines were good and you could basically see what the athletes were doing. 

By 1:30 I met up with Trista and skied with her for the next hour.  But it really wasn't anything to write about, except the good company.  I skied down to the lodge, changed into my running togs, and set off for home.  Just a very quiet Saturday.

Sunday it was a football watching day....  The weather was not too great.....  Warm, wet and rainning.  We played hockey on Sunday night and earned a well deserved tie after trailling 0-3.  The game was in Trail too.

And today, Trevor wrangled me to lend a hand with these two on the ski hill.  We rode the magic carpet for a few runs.  With our confidence high, we got on the Silverload chair lift, and in favour of Shelly, we all skied down Corky's Lane which is Shelly's favourite green.  Basically the boys ski between our legs and we stay bent over to balance their wobbly legs.  Shelly - you are a much better skier then these two, but watch out in a few years....

On the magic carpet with Cole:

Cole with dad:

Grayson and I:

And all of us having some french fries, apres ski:

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