Monday, January 31, 2011

Ski Bum

On Saturday night I went to the local theatre to watch Ski Bum The Musical.  It was co-written by Tyler Austin Bradley (  [Visit his blog if you really want to be entertained and see how a pro gets it done in this media.] He owns the house I am living in.  I guess that makes us roommates, although that sounds so college-like.  It was a fantastic production that kept the audience full of suspense and laughter for 90 minutes.

The story centres around 4 main characters.  A control-on-authority female ski patroller (Sunny), her best friend who is a ski instructor (Liz),  Liz's ex-husband Jeff, who is the "ski-bum", and Jeff's roommate Richard who is doing research for grad school about the ski culture.
There were a few "cameo" roles and appearances by a snow plow driver, his hillarious sock puppet, and a liftie operator.  But these roles are all covered by the talented cast.

The plot revolves around mending Liz and Jeff's past relationship, Richard completing his research, and Sunny acting like the mother hen in all the scenerios.  It was hillarious and brillant.  The music and its choreography only added to the magnificient story.  Do Liz and Jeff work things out?  Does Richard complete his research?  Do Richard and Sunny find love?  You'll have to see it for yourselves.

The cast and crew are taking their show on the road for performances around the greater Kootney region.  It will be very well recieved by all outdoor, ski-enthusiastic audiences.

Break a leg fellas!

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