Sunday, January 23, 2011

How It's Done

Trevor certainly shows how it is done properly on Red Mountain.....  Joel, Trevor, and I got out bright and early to enjoy this wonderful weather day.  Warm, sunny skies, and mild temperatures.  It was a great day.  We basically chased our shawdows from ledge to ledge.  They call this view the Kootney Sea!

Last night the 3 of us watched the Canucks game, then grabbed our gear, and headed to the outdoor rink.  It was dark, but we had headlights.  It was actually good practice stickhandling and recieving passes with the limited view.
Day to day life is going well.  I am engaged in this ETFO course and it is pretty easy so far.  It takes about 45 minutes of my time per day - sometimes more and sometimes less.  Yesterday I ran a big run out to the hill and around.  It was nice to get out.  I ran on the highway's shoulder, which wasn't too bad.  And I think I mentioned that I was over at Trevor and Tara's for a few hours as they were out running errands.  The 2 boys slept for 90% of my time at the house.  So no big deal.

I am really missing Shelly and thinking about her quite a lot.  The weekends are when it is the most difficult to be apart.  I know she is quite busy through the week and has lots of engagements.  But the weekends are another animal.  I hope she lets me into the very humble and modest abode on Quebec Street in another month - That would be nice, to be home in another month.  

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