Thursday, October 31, 2013


A few quick pictures...  A terrible weather night for the trick or treaters.  Not many more than 12 kids that stopped by.

Molly really wasn't a willing participant in getting scarred up and such.  She just wanted to go and visit Emmie and John...  Her two favourite people these days.  (The Coups')

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mid October

So it is time to get a few quick words down and pictures posted from the past few weeks.  Everything has been happening, yet nothing too it seems in retrospect.

I wish my bike/motorcycle could write.  My buddy borrowed it for the past week and took a huge rip on it down through the states.  They went down to the Tail of the Dragon, then over to Alabama to visit some sort of museum/motorcycle museum....  Alas, the KTM is rad, but it doesn't write.  I haven't quite seen them yet, though I know they have returned and back in Goderich.  The weather here has been terrible lately; hopefully it was better for them.

Thanksgiving was fun.  Lots of family getting together and such.  Missed out on a lot of good picture opportunities - but got a few of Molly and her cousins.  Count'em.  That is 5 red heads out of 6 children.

And one of the lone cousins who is anything but red-headed.  And funny enough she is the one whom I wouldn't mess with....  The one whose disposition would be more like a red-head.  But they are all great of course no matter what hue their head is.

 Other than that - I helped Barry a bit on the Thanksgiving weekend clearing some fence bottoms and fields.  He had some burn piles to take care of.  Since I know a few things about burning and the best fuels to take care of a pile of brush - I tagged along.  An important rule most might forget; bring a beer or two to enjoy whist watching the fire burn.  I actually still have one more fire to light out at Shelly's farm to finish off a few tree trucks and other mess that has accumulated.

So it is onto report card writing.  I seem to be quite busy with school.  Much, much busier than the last 3 years combined I bet.  The days just seem to go very quick, and there seems to be an incredible amount of stuff to get through.