Sunday, June 24, 2012

Horse'n Around

I think I already used this title - no matter.  I know for sure I used A Horse's Ass or A Real Horse's Ass.  But I found myself once again in the company of these four legged hay burners this week in Clinton.  The storied and historic RCMP Musical Ride Troupe were at the REACH Centre doing what they do best; go around in fancy dancy circles and intricate patterns to the delight of a crowd in amazement.  I wanted to go up to the leader and share my equine grooming and dietary skills - but they probably were okay and had plenty of handlers.

Remember - Me clipping ole Lucky's nails and feeding her beer!

I half expected to see Bill Bentley on one of these Mustangs the RCMP brought.  But I guess Bill hasn't put in his application yet.  Alls I know is there were 33 of them and I was still able to elude being arrested on my outstanding federal warrants!  Until another time suckers!

And other then that - not much else is going on. 

I got a surprise phone call from a dear ole buddy from Windsor the other day.  Nathan Fevreau gave me a ring and I didn't have too much time to talk and let him know about what has gone on in my world since 1999 = So I directed him here and told him this is a great stop to at least find out about the previous two years of my whereabouts and happenings.  So I will undoubtedly talk to Nathan in the next few weeks and cross paths with him and his family.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hot June Weather

I don't know where to start...  It has been since June 1 since I posted.  Lots of pictures to share and stories.  It is so much easier just to keep more up-to-date.  But this doesn't happen all that often.  Not in any importance:
  1. Connie had a fall, had a quick surgery to pin/plate her shoulder - sorry about your luck.
  2. Shelly's brother Andrew and his wife Nathalie had a 2nd baby recently - a boy
  3. We were at a really fun wedding the other weekend out at Benmiller Inn
  4. Had some great visits from the Grails and Wrights
  5. Had a funny farming story changing a flat tire on a tractor and delivering a load of hay in the rain - well, sort of in the rain = it was quite embarassing to be out in the misty weather with a load of hay and flat tire on a tractor
  6. School is pretty much done and it has been quite the great, great year with a super class of willing learners
  7. Had my first Father's Day
The bride, Caley Moore, & husband Alex Eddington = He was dressed like you would think a person with the last name of "Eddington" would dress like, if that makes sense...

And Shelly at the wedding...

A few quick pictures of Molly with Rachel Grail, Wendy Macaulay, Claudia Baskerville, Sydney Macaulay, Sherry Miller & Shelly, and just by her silly self.

So there are a few other pictures, but you get the idea.  I didn't get one of the three of us at the wedding, nor a picture of Shelly or I together, nor of a "Father's Day" picture of the little ding-a-ling and me.  Oh well - gives me lots of reason to update the blog more frequently.

Friday, June 1, 2012

One Last Turkey Story - The Season is Now Done!

I opened up my work email on Friday morning to read the following message from my colleague and hunting buddy Larry:

When I got home and started cleaning it, I noticed the wildest thing.....there was a hole in his chest that had sorta scarred over. When I got into the breast meat, there was a  pellet stuck right against the breast bone (I was using copper plated shot). This bastard's been shot at before! Drew?
You gotta check out the pics!
So obviously Larry shot another Turkey on Thursday - which was the last day of the season.  He really does know what he is doing - Although he did tell me he put two shots to it.  Anyway, like I wrote a few weeks ago, I smacked a turkey pretty good, but it got up an took off!  Perhaps this was the same bird?  Who knows.  Larry said it looked initially like it was a parasite, or something really odd on it - it wasn't until he got a closer inspection when he realized that it had been shot before.  Was it by me? - probably not/who knows.  But it was in the same field/area.
Good job Larry on the 22lb Tom.  Big enough spurs and beard too.