Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Child Minding

Shelly and I had a super day with our two new pals Grayson, on the left, and Cole, on the right.  Their mom and dad took off for a date today skiing, and we were all too happy to lend a hand.  The four of us hung out and played some cars on 4th Avenue for awhile, then we walked down 2nd Avenue to child minder extrodinaire Trista's for some more fun and treats.  What a day.  3 capable adults and 4 crazy kids.

This was really not too much work at all = Not considering the fact that Shelly and I have spent next to no time whatsoever with Trevor, Tara, and the kids.  It was great just getting to hang out with them.  They are really well behaved and listen well.  It is so funny to get them ready as they just "know-the-drill" to get into and out of their snowsuits.  They eat like ravenous baby birds; grapes, oranges, toast, and yogurt.  Getting them into bed at nap time was a breeze!

Trevor and Tara made it home by mid afternoon.  Shelly and I grabbed their cross country skis and headed out for a bit of a tour.   We started at Centennial Parking Lot, skied out to Red Mountain, had a beer in Rafters, then made our way home.

Lots of fun today....  Out to Trail for dinner.

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