Thursday, January 13, 2011

20 cm Powder Day

It was all business today as 20cm of new snow on the hill is a big thing - Big Time!  Joel and I got to the hill bright and early to get as many fresh tracks in as possible.  We weren't disappointed.  The game faces were on.  Joel cut through the snow like a hot knife through butter.  Excellent turns my friend.
Joel gave the conditions a thumbs up, then it was my turn.

I really enjoyed myself today except for one slight problem - no goggles.  I misplaced them.  I thought they were in the back of my truck.  But after looking there, they weren't to be found.  I quickly tore apart the areas where I thought they would be, and still no luck.  Well, one doesn't waste time over such a trival piece of equipment on such an unbelievable day... to the hill without them.  Besides, I found them in 2 mins after I got home.  They were under a blanket on the couch.  It would have been nice to have them, but I carried on. 

So a fantastic day!  I talked on Skype with Shelly for 30 mins or so which was great.  She seems really busy, but making due without the Drew.  I miss her quite a lot.

A few more pictures to show the beauty of this place....  Here's to more of the good stuff.

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