Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cross Country Skiing

I am just finishing up a babysitting shift over at Trevor and Tara's.  They went out on a date and I was more then happy to come over and mind the fort and its inhabitants.  Besides, they were basically ready and put in bed by the time I was over - Not much for Uncle Awesome to do except work on the course a wee bit and watch some television.

This morning Trevor, the boys, and I went over to Black Jack for a cross country ski.  The snow is bullet proof; hard and cold.  The sky was deep blue and not a cloud was in sight.  It was cold, but nothing too frigid. 
The wheels and the handle comes off of this bad-boy Chariot and it transforms into a tow behind ski sled.  Perfect for these two.  Trevor handles it like a champ - me, like a chump.  I had a go with it and it was pretty sad.  Pulling it feels alot like driving in a manual with someone learning how to clutch smoothly.  It wasn't so tight around my waist so it rocked a bit back and forth, back and forth.  I wiped out once and it wasn't so bad.  But the second wipe out I hollard the big "f" bomb, my skies went way over my head, and I hit the ground pretty hard.  Trevor laughed, Cole cried, Grayson did nothing, and I tried to get up.  Oh well, I tried my best.  Trevor finished the loop, kids in tote, upright and with ease.
Not much else is really going on.  The down hill skiing isn't much to speak of this week.  There is plenty of snow at the hill, but there isn't any new snow, and I just don't have it in me to ride the groomers.  The weather reports indicate snow for the end of the week which will be nice.

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