Monday, January 23, 2012

Able To Get the Pictures

So yes, a much happier Molly in one week - I was able to get the pictures from the internal memory off the camera - The girls are on their way home back to Goderich.  So long London!

There were also a few pictures from the rally.  The first photo shows Merlin Leis - Avon Maitland's ETFO President, Sam Hammond - Ontario's ETFO President and myself.

I don't have any updated quantitative stats on Molly - but she seems to be doing very well and should be back in Goderich by Tuesday.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I took a few great photos this weekend.   However I didn't put the memory card in the camera, and I can't find the cord to take the pictures off of the camera....

First Molly is doing really, really well.  It took a week, but she is off all of the various tubes and inserts, and back on the feeding schedule that she had enjoyed at home during December and the first part of January.  Her colour looks good, her weight is squeeking back up, and it seems she has got her energy back....  Basically all general 3 month old stuff.....  She should be home by Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Shelly had an all right week considering.  If all things were equal, I know she would rather be on Quebec Street, but people are treated very well at the hospital and at Ronald McDonald House...  Again, I had some great photos - but I need to find the cord.

I took part in the labour rally at Victoria Park on Saturday.  10,000 strong people took part in supporting the 450 locked out EMD workers in London by their parent company Catipillar.  It was very crowded with lots of flag-waving and chanting...  I crossed paths with a friend from Windsor named Enver Villamizar - he and his wife are teachers too and cam to support their fellow brothers and sisters.

Anyhow = I'll work on that camera and keep the information coming as it is revelent.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Molly Is None Too Happy

Neither are Shelly and I...  We've had a setback of sorts.

January had been a great month up until this past weekend.  Molly was doing those infant things just swimmingly and Shelly was doing her mom things fine.  There have been more great visitors over and the only real problem had been not keeping this blog a bit more up-to-date and current.

So I will skip a whole bunch of useless info and just get to it:

Molly is back in the hospital and had another surgery.  She apparently had a combination of some kinks and scar tissue built up in her bowel.  So it is a big step back....  Everything had been going quite well, and she wasn't even that bent-up with this latest ailment, however....  Molly is back in the hospital, Shelly is back at Ronald McDonald House, and Mango and I are just putting out some fires on Quebec Street.  That is the basic run of events.

Molly continues to be very upset...  Shelly and I thinking it is funny, although it isn't:

So January hasn't been all terrible.  Molly has two great-grandmothers.  Nell, Shelly's grandmother, actually met Molly for the first time a week or two ago.  Nell is 93!  My grandmother is a youthful 88 and she lives in Goderich a few blocks away - So she stopped by for a hello too.  We don't have a photo of Nell, but here is Donna & Molly.  Pink must be an "it" colour for 2012.

I got a great phone call from a friend/colleague this month.  Her and her daughter where over on the x-mas holidays, and just had to come over again....  They were just hanging out one evening and just wanted to hold Molly.  So thanks to Diane and Rachel who came over again for a visit during the first of January.  Next time, Shelly and I will take off for that 60 minutes and get a coffee or just some quiet time while those two are minding.

So I will post again when there is movement on the Molly news.  Until then, here are a few funny-ish pictures from the month.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Nothing too profound has happened between Boxing Day and now....  It was just a lot of getting better and recovering from our sore throats and whatnot.  But as of today we are all doing pretty well around here and have bounced back to our normal selves.

We had some great visitors in the past few days.  Larry, Diane, and Rachel Grail were over for a hello and how's-it-going.  Diane and Rachel had popped in on Shelly in London to say hi, so it was nice of them to stop in again with Larry in Goderich too.  They didn't see Molly back in November, and they were just so excited this time around.  Rachel will make a great babysitter in the future I am sure!  Plus she dropped off a pretty funny stuffed toy turkey that gobbles when its stomach is squeezed...
The Iza's were over on New Year's Day - Reg, Mel, Ella, and Liv.  They were sort of excited to see Molly, but once the piano tunes got crank'n and the microphone got hot, their two girls were way more interested in dancing and karaoke-ing.  Who can blame them?  It was Reg's birthday and they were all out just burning the day-light hours.  No pictures...

Tonight my dad and Brittany came over for some eats and visiting.  We put a dent in a lasagna that Shelly's friend Lisa (who says she doesn't read this blog, yet I am sure she does....) made.  It was pretty dam good Lisa.  Then we got playing the guitars and piano for an hour or so.  Brittany minded Molly just splendidly - and Shelly, dad, and I belted out a few tunes

On New Years Even Shelly, Molly, and I walked over to over friends Sherry and Craig's place.  There was a quality cast of misfits in attendace who enjoyed a few drinks, a bit of snacks and Thanks for having us over Sherry!

I don't really have a 2011 summary or write-up = Why bother?  It is all on the blog and I would just be writing about events that have already been mentioned.  I guess I could post a few pictures that didn't make the cut from this past year.

I had about 6,200 hits on the blog in 2011 - and I am at 7,100 total since this started in September 2010 - That seems pretty respectable.  I had 76 posts which averages to one every five days in 2011.  Each post was read by an average of 85 people, and about 17 people daily read the blog.  I am sure none of these stats break any record...  I have had lots of fun writing this stuff up and posting the pictures.  Plus I get lots of postive feedback....