Saturday, January 29, 2011

Carnival Time!

What you are witnessing is the newest addition to the Rossland Fire Department's fleet.  It is quite revolutionary for out here.  Meetings were held and funds were raised.  There was a fire call this morning, and as you can see they responded quickly to the emergency.  Go R.F.D. go!

Actually it is winter carnival time again.  There was a parade last night and some kids activities in the downtown area.  There is a winter ice bar set up, luging at the ski hill, a downtown ski and snowboard terrain park and many other activities to spark civic pride and happiness. 

The highlight is the street bobsleigh though.  25 teams were entered this year; some more serious then others.  Someone better at math can help me out, but the winning team travelled the course in about 40 seconds going 75km/h at the finish line.  The course has got to be over 750m long - it is probably about 1km!  We watched that for an hour or so this morning.  Apparently the course was running a bit slow because Trevor told me teams have reached speeds of nearly 90 km/h.  The fans were ravenous and hoping for carnage and wrekage just like at a NASCAR event, but I didn't see any wipeouts this year.

I think this was the fastest team - They just hollowed out a log and put skis on it, a tiny steering system and maybe brakes, who knows.

The Iron Maiden Team!

For lunch Tara, her sister Christine, and I had lunch at the legion.  Borscht and a bun for $5.  Russian food is popular in this area.  One kind of Borscht is beet based, the other is cabbage.  I had the cabbage and it was pretty good.  It is just a soup really.  Pretty much vegetable soup.

Trevor, his boys, and I went skiing for an hour or so on Thursday.  On Friday we all drove down to Trail and ran some errands.  The weather is the pits though because it is sort of rainning. 

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