Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rossland Triathlon

The first stage of a Rossland Triathlon is babysitting.  Tara went out for a skate ski, so I took the twins out for a ride on the 2 GT Snowracers they have.  It would be too easy for them to just ride on one of course....  and less of a pull, but they both want to drive, so Uncle Awesome accomodates by tying them together so they each have their own ride.  On our walk we spied two other kids up to no good, Cohen and Eamen Wright, and of course they wanted on the GTs.  So I ended up pulling the 4 kids across town like the Uncle Awesome I am.

The second stage of my Rossland triathlon is skiing.  I went out at noon with my trusty friend Trista.  We stayed over at Paridise and in the trees of course.  Each run was different.  At times it snowed and was cloudy.  Then it was sunny.  A few runs later there was a mix of cloud and sunshine....  But it was a good day.  The hill is so much busier on the weekends.  It is tough to find a parking spot.  The line-ups averaged about 20 people deep consistently.....  I suppose not many people think a 20 person deep ski lift line up is busy, and it isn't.  It is just busier then through the week.


(File Photo)

I ran home from the ski hill today.  I am trying to run home everyday from the hill.  It is a measley 4km, maybe less = Terrible, I know. 

I took some pictures of the house I am living at.  There is 4 of us here.  Tyler owns the house and works in Trail for the city's waste management program.  And Keith and Jessica are here for the winter too.  They are a couple from Hood River, OR.  Jessica has lived in Rossland off and on I think over the past 5 years or so = But just in the winter for the ski season.  And Keith is here to hang out for January, but sadly has to get back to work/life for February. 
And here is an indoor shot of Joel's house.  It is really homey and comfortable with the fireplace.

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