Thursday, January 27, 2011


A bit of a lull in the action this week.  I hit the slopes on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and I am just sort of getting myself going to get out today which is Thursday.  Tuesday was a good day as Trevor was working, so Joel and I got to the hill before nine o'clock to enjoy 10cm or so of new snow.

On Wednesday Joel and Trista went out skiing.  Trevor brought his boys over to their house for 90 mins or so.  By noon we all walked them home and then Cohen, Eamen, and I hung out for the afternoon.  We played a bit of hockey outside, and vacuumed and cleaned inside too.  It was a quick afternoon. 

Last night Tara and Trevor went out for dinner.   I was over, I don't even call it babysitting anymore because the boys are asleep, and Joel came over too.  We watched a movie which was made/created by a friend of Trevor's and teammate of ours on the Ice Hawks.  His name is Derek Frankowski and the movie is called Lifecycles ( 

I can't really think of any crazy stories.  Alot of nothing has been happening.  What is happening is a huge winter carnival this weekend.  The town is going to be really, really busy with a parade, luging at the hill, street tobaggaining, beer gardens and a pond hockey tournament.  So I think people are just taking it easy and slow to rest up for the festivities of this weekend.

So here are a few pictures that haven't been posted = They tell 1,000 words at least.

Joel and Trevor on Tuesday

Trevor looking down into Microwave - The hardest run at Red.

Tevor and Cole's first skate.

Me looking into one of the easier runs at Red.

Joel above the Kootney Sea.

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