Monday, June 20, 2016


We are building up our biking legs and tolerance for our upcoming British Columbia trip.  We hit the rail road tracks the other day for a bit of a loop towards Auburn, then towards Ball's Bridge, and back to our starting point of Brindley's Trucking at the 9km marker along the trails. 

Molly got this new (used/gifted) tow behind contraption which she really loves.  The lucky girl now has no less then 4 bikes to choose from.  She has a red tricycle that she can propel, and a runner bike that is blue.  She also has a traditional bike with training wheels (still attached), and now, this new device that my buddy Drew Anderson dropped off.  She really loves them all.  I see a few kids her age without training wheels, so it is something to shoot for this summer.  Molly really loves the freedom of going around the block all by herself on the bike.

Wally is happy enough to be carted along behind on a traditional baby carrier on the rear of a bike.  He is in it everyday actually as we have been riding the bike to and from the YMCA in the mornings.  He likes to get his cold little hands up your back, and or down the back of your pants. 

I also ripped out on the motorbike this afternoon and brought my camera along, but didn't get any evidence.  I just had a few errands to run, and then I took off for a bit of a spin around Ashfield Township.  

Monday, June 6, 2016

More Video from Cabot Trail

Rich Johnston created this four and one half minute montage of our exploits on the trail and during the race.  Thanks Rich = It looks awesome.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


Worth growing for its delicious fragrance alone, dame's rocket also offers showy, long-lasting flowers and is as trouble-free an herb as you could ask for.

Not to me.

Shelly's band performed to kick off the summer concert series on the Square in Goderich tonight.  They are known as Dame's Rocket.  They rehearse just about any place they find room, thus, I have heard them many times over the past 3 or 4 years at the house.  Their last show was at the Lucknow Legion about two years ago now, maybe a year and a half.....  So they dusted off the microphones, got out their gear, and took to the stage for a 28 song set. 

The kids and I took in about a third of the show.  Molly, and about 10 other kids, danced and played to the music for a good 30 minutes.  Wally just sat back and enjoyed it for a bit, then he got out of the stroller to stroll around.  I took pictures and cheered loudly for the ladies.  The crowd topped at about 200 people.  By all accounts everyone liked what they heard.
They did a really good job hitting their harmonies and staying in tune.  The guitar was the primary instrument, but they also used a slide whistle at times, a tambourine, and a kazoo.  Their strength is their voices and being able to hit a sufficient range befitting for a group of girls with very little training and instruction.  They are all self taught as far as I know.  Katie hit 10th place at Canadian Idol back in the mid 2000s which is quite an achievement.  Her sister Kelly is equally capable.  Shelly has a music degree (trumpet), and the other two ladies kind of fill in appropriately.  Their matching t-shirts finished the ensemble.

I hope they keep at it and get together for a few more shows.  I know it is a lot of work for them. 

Dames Rocket Concert

Find attached the girls doing a mash-up of Rocket Man, as well as Space Oddity to kick off Goderich's summer concert series.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cabot Trail Relay Map

This is the break down of each part of the race....