Tuesday, January 19, 2016


More then anything I am passing time with a bit of writing.  I have done my reading for the day - "Collingwood Fakeout" by a Windsor author Rick Hundey.  I love my Windsor authors, Collingwood is a decent enough town, and the recommendation said it was funny, witty, and had an element of mystery too.

Wally and I have been to the YMCA nearly every day.  He only cried for 30 seconds today apparently.  So good for him!  But it is just as Chris, the child minder, said = just keep trying and bringing him back.  So it is all good going to the Y, and running indoors.

School has been cancelled quite a lot in the past 7 days.  Brookside has crept up on 4 snow days....  So maybe they'll see double digits as per usual.  I kind of miss them to be honest.  It is a nice break in the action when working.  But seeing as though I am not even at the half way point of the time off, I am doing just fine.  Shelly's school has had the same 4 snow days, but she goes to work and there is more of an attendance expectation for in-town facilities.  She doesn't mind them of course.  Kids don't show up for studies, and therefore it gives teachers a bit of bonus time to check off items on the ever-expanding to-do list.

All in all the days are kind of long and dragging on, but I have been on-top of the music a bit more, and of course just chores around the house.  Wally has been sleeping from ten thirty to one thirty pretty consistently.  Or at least he is up in his room having a bit of alone and quiet time.  There is always a minor errand to run, which I can drag out and have it take up more time then necessary; going to the library, going to the bank, getting some milk, and the like.

So that is about it for now - Ever since Molly was a wee toddler she and I took off our shirts eating pasta/spaghetti.  It was originally because of the potential mess on the clothes.  There is still an element of that, but now it is kind of funny and makes a good picture.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

First Real Day of Winter

At 8:00 this morning it was about 6 degrees and pouring rain.  As I write, it is just after eight at night, minus 6 degrees, and it is snowing quite a lot outside.  The day sure has changed.

A bit of this and that so far for 2016; a back to school in the house, a birthday, some movies, swimming and skating at the YMCA, and lots of running.  (Although I did excuse myself in the rain this morning and I know Beaser was quite upset at me for doing so....)

Shelly returned to work on Friday the 8th.  I don't think it was much of a problem for her.  Apparently, however, her co-workers ditched her and left her hanging at the pub after work to drink alone.  Never to be alone, Shelly met up with some other friends by happenstance and had a welcome back to work drink with them.

On Saturday it was Wally's first birthday.  I remember Molly didn't have much of a first birthday as I was at a buddy's wedding, and Shelly was at an art show, so in similar fashion there wasn't much planned for the second born.  Molly and Shelly made a cake, I bought some hot dogs and chips, and that was going to be it.  I also called my dad to pop over, which he did.  Well it wasn't long before my buddy Drew stopped in with his kids with a bad of clothes for Molly, and Steve and Hellen were also in the neighbourhood.  Seeing all the cars, they stopped too.  Before we knew it there was a full fledged impromptu party going on. 

After that party was cleaned up and people had left, the door ringer is going off and wouldn't you know it, Shelly's folks came in to say hello. 

I went to London this week with my buddy Scott.  I had lots of questions to ask about his 40 day Africa and Asia trip, plus there was some consuming to do, dinner to eat, and a movie to watch.  We had a great day.