Monday, January 10, 2011


The pictures tell it all.  I was out for 3 hours today with Joel.  It was a late start because I was over at Tara and Trevor's for 90 mins or so looking after the kids.  They had to run some errands in which having two 2 and a half year olds would have made it more difficult.  So the right hander stepped in for a quick two  innings work.

The snow was very soft.  The skies were blue.  There was very little cloud cover and the temperature showed about 10 below zero.  The ski hill's website said it was minus 19 and 12 cm of snow had fallen.  Neither was true.  But it was a great day out on the slopes.  Joel was enjoying himself as usual.  He can be quite an icehole....
And on the last run of the day, we stopped for this photo opportunity.

In my spare time, I am reading a fantastic book called The Given Day by Dennis Lehane.  It is set in post WWI, mainly in Boston.  Three different story lines are slowly coming together.  The first is about the formation of unions in Boston during this time.  The second is about a character named Luther who has killed some people in Tulsa, OK and has run away to Boston.  Finally there is a bit about Babe Ruth and the World Series....  It is fantastic and I highly recommend it.

I am also always reading and rereading parts of Light Lifting by Alex MacLeod.  It is a collection of short stories.  The stories take place mostly in Windsor, ON.  My two favourites are Light Lifting and Good Kids.  But I also love The Loop and Miracle Mile!  The whole collection is awesome....  It comes more highly recommended then The Given Day. 

Alex and his family.

Finally, I also want to mention how Joel has really gotten me into the band Rush.  I just watched a documentary called Beyond The Lighted Stage about Rush and it was fantastic.  What an iconic band.  Their greatest hits are tops on my playlist right now, and I must say Subdivisions is my favourite song.  Next on my plate is reading a book written by Rush's drummer Neil Peart called Ghost Rider - Travels on the Healing Road.  Neil road his motorcyle 55,000 miles across North American and down to Belize, and he penned stories and situations about such adventure as he mourned the deaths of his daughter and first wife. 

I am also starting a course on January 17th = Computers and Tech in the classroom.  I can't wait.....

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