Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stick in the Mouth

It is always a matter of when, not if....  No half face shield, no mask - no wonder. 

I took some wood to the face in last night's win against the Moguls = I don't think the cha-chi stopped himself, lets just say, for the gift to the chops.  Oh well - he said something of an apology twice - perhaps because of the blood and me looking for my teeth (which are still all crooked and intact as they were before, thankfully).  It would have been nice to tighten the wound up with a good bandage, glue or a few stiches maybe....  but I have just left it the way it is.  I wasn't really interested in going to Trail at midnight to deal with it, and now, 12 hours later, it seems a bit late to do anything.

A kiss from Shelly would make it all feel better.

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  1. Hey Drew-boy! love the posts and can't wait to get out to Rossland for some ski-action! See you in Feb!


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