Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yesterday Joel & Trista had their fill of Red Mountain, while I had my fill of their kids babysitting.  I shouldn't exactly say it like that, the boys were very well behaved and we had another great day together.  I don't mind at all looking after them while mom and dad have a ski.  We went over to the outdoor rink for a skate.  Then we came back home for some eats and rests.  Mom and dad got home by 1:30 or so.  The time seemed to go pretty quickly.
Today Joel and I hit the slopes for an early 9:30 start.  It is sort of early, I guess, compared to the 10:30s we usually see.  Neither of us brought a camera. 

There was about 5 to 8 cm of fresh snow.  That doesn't sound like a lot, but it does cover up and soften up the runs.  We kept a steady pace and really found our groove.  We stayed on the Motherload chair for must of the rides as we got our fancy going down "The Slides".  There would have been some decent enough pictures or video, but there will be better days and bluer skies for sure.

Here is a funny picture of me cooking breakfast a few weeks ago over at Joel's:

 Tonight I am playing hockey.  And tomorrow will be interesting; Trevor is away for a few days and Tara is working, so I am back on babysitting duty of the twins.  I don't anticipate many problems as I have become quite adept in child rearing.  Just another one of my amazing talents.

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