Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Hockey Injury

Puck in the eye.  First shift on Friday night.  The puck was a bit of a knuckle-baller and my face just so happened to be in the way.  Not as bad as the stick in the mouth back in January though.  The cut is neither as deep or as wide.  And the black eye makes it look kind of cool too.  Still no mask or half face shield.  Maybe next year.

And on Sunday morning it looked like:
I look pretty horrible and don't feel so great either....  I have an annoying cold, there is a monster zit on my forehead, my elbow/tendons in my elbow are on fire, and I have a charley horse in my right thigh which hurts like hell too.  I think that is it.  It is pretty sad actually.  Oh well. 

What else has been going on?  Still picking away at the new farm and cleaning stuff up.  The weather has been bitter cold.  Damingly bitter and cold.

I am pretty near done the course I started in January and I start the second part of it in April.  Not too much you know. 

Shelly and I were out at her folks today and I snapped a few pictures of the ladies out there.  Life is good when you are able to wallow in your fecal matter all day and not care.

Friday, March 25, 2011

An Update

The trap of not writing and posting has hit me once again.  It really isn't excusable as I have such a loyal following of visitors and I don't want to let anyone done.  I have been busy, but it is unglamorous and hardly unadventerous material to speak of.  It has involved cleaning old shitty houses - no offense Barry or Shelly, numerous dump runs, trips to the scrap steel depot, returning 100s of empty beer and liqour bottles (nearly $100 worth) and so on.  Some before and after pictures of these clean-ups would be appropriate at the moment.

However on March Break Shelly and I hit a bit of excitement travelling up to Collingwood, ON.  There was a meeting of the minds among some of the University of Windsor's finest graduates who also happen to be my former roommates.  And get this, out of the 4 of us fellers; Brian, Tim, Drew and myself, we graduated 8 times from that fine institution.  Brian has 2 degrees (undergrad + Masters), Tim has 3 (undergrad, Masters + Law), Drew has 1 (undergrad) and I have 2 (undergrad + Education).  Unreal.  Unfortunately Scott Cook wasn't there....  A fantastic roommate as well, but hell, he only brings 1 degree into play and even that was obtained 5 years late!  What a guy.  I saw Scott in September though on the motorcycle trip.

So the four of us got caught up and re-aquainted with new events in our lives.  We had all crossed paths this past July as a group, and individually we all see one another here and there throughout the seasons.  We skied on Saturday and had a terrific time slaying the snow, and the beers apres ski!  Take care boys....

And here is a great picture of Scotty Cook and I in September 2010.

So yes, Shelly did get this house/property/farm/?????? out on Hawkinsville road back the first of March.  It is hard to describe.  It is hard to look at and breathe inside of what I think is the house, but I am not quite sure.  Pictures would be appropriate at this time.....  But alas.  It has about 25 acres or perhaps a bit less.  8 acres are workable and the plan is to hopefully tile another 3 or so beside it ASAP.  It'll be rented out for whatever crop is fashionable I suppose.

The bush doesn't have commercial value, but it isn't all swampy either.  There is a 3 or 4 acre parcel 50m behind the house that is going to require a significant amount of love.  Rough estimates put 5,000 tires, yes, 5,000 piled hazardly about.  The good part is they can be recycled and the steel rims have a decent enough value which bascially makes it worth-while enough for a company to come at their expense/machinery/time to take them away.  So that is getting ironed out. 

And the house is simply not inhabitable.  I can't even say if it is safe to be inside with the rot, mold, and the like. 

However, I am going to work away and do what I can to church up the outside of the yard.  Tonnes of garbage, 3 stoves, 4 refrigerators (with rotting food in them), a freezer (more rotten food), and so on, has been removed and I don't mind picking away at that stuff.  But I'll get some pictures.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Saturday Night Special

This past Saturday night Joe, Julie, and their two boys Ben & Eli came over for super.  We had ribs and scalloped potatoes.  There was also a nice greek salad and some great dessert which included apple crisp and ice cream.  I hadn't seen them in a while....  Since they live nearly next door to us, it seemed rather appropriate they come over and have a scoff with us.

As Joe and I warmed up the instruments, the girls made some crafts with the kids.  When the crafting was done and the instruments were sufficiently primed the four of us belted out the tunes for another 30 mins. 

Joe can certainly hold his own on the guitar and with a harmonica.  He sings great as well.  Shelly was rocking the vocal chords providing great harmonies and Julie is a fine singer and kept the beat with a percussion shaker.  Even the kids joined in with some impromptu pencil drumming on the furniture.  Me, well, there isn't too much to brag about.  It seems my talents lie else where and with other activities.  I scratched along on the 12 string which has a nice bright sound, even while I am playing!