Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blue Bird Day

A bright and sunny Saturday blanked Rossland and Red Mountain.  I welcomed the day with a good run out and back to the ski hill where I met up with my buddies. (see picture)  I don't think Grayson is too happy about something.
I went out skiing this past Thursday and Friday.  Thursday was a great day with 10 cm or so of new snow.  Joel and I found some good spots to ride and find some untouched pockets.  It was really cloudy and cool though.  10 cm is a lot better then nothing.  Motherload lift was running at its full speed.  So it was a good day.
On Friday Trista and I hit the slopes.  There was some new snow, but not as good as Thursday's fall.  We found our groove.  Speaking of groove, the junior freeski championship was going on.  They shredded Lynx Line like nobodys' business.  They made going off the cliffs and jumps look like childs' play, and that is what the age most of them looked like - children.  Again it was cloudy and windy, but we had a good day.
But again, this is what the hill looks like under clear skies.

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