Saturday, December 27, 2014

Other Pictures From the Holidays

A few other great pictures that sort of summarize the 2014 holiday season....  Lack of commentary, however insert your own as you see them.

Christmas 2014

It has came and went with a bit more excitement and zest than other years.  Being in the new house was a definite present, Molly having a bit more where-with-all an spontaneity was good, the weather has been terrific, and being with Shelly and the impending arrival of number two in another few weeks was also something to be happy about.

On Christmas Eve we hit up my dad's for a quick hello and drink, then we went over to the Coup's house which has been a bit of a holiday tradition for the past few years.  It was a busy place with extra guest and kids, but the food and drink was great.  We just sort of had the guys hang out in one room of the house, the girls were in another, and the kids seemed to tear recklessly all throughout.  That seems like a pretty regular recipe in regards to how people roll.  It wasn't a long, late evening.  We walked home just after 8 or 8:30.  Molly was pretty tired so after a quick rinse and soaping, she was fast asleep which left us to a bit of wrapping and last minute touches.  It was raining, and quite warm at 5 degrees centigrade or so.  No snow.  Nothing but green dirty grass for this Christmas.

Very simple items satisfied our tastes this Christmas.  I stuck with a gardening and chicken theme for Shelly so I got her a Garden Claw, rubber boots, garden shed implements and such....  Molly got the standard socks, soap, toothbrush, pajamas, clothes and such.  But we also got her a one of those Runner Bikes.  Our house is big enough to scoot around in it and get a bit of steam going.  Molly has a plastic vanity that we got off the street a few months ago while it was being discarded.  It lacked a mirror, and Shelly's vanity has a mirror, so we got her a mirror to put in it....  I just a-fixed it in with a hot glue gun.  We were all quite pleased with our allowances.  I got some stuff for the garage to organize some tools and clutter - stuff I just needed.  I did score a nice decorative porcelain hen for the kitchen table though, as well as this old brass sign from my dad's cottage that was attached to a bedroom which says "Reserved For Master".  It will go on our bedroom door.
Went for a great run on Christmas morning with Jeff:
Molly liking Shelly's gifts more than her own:
We made it out to uncle Larry's for a get together of 30 plus aunts, uncles, cousins, kids of cousins, and friends.  It was busy with people and kids...  We did spy a sleigh and have been promised a ride.  But with little to no snow, we might as well just take the buggy.
We saw the Wright's for a bit of action and conversation...
Last but not least, on Boxing Day we were all back over at my dad's for a fantastic lasagna, caesar salad, few beer, good deserts scoff.  A few more gifts were exchanged and a few more calories gained.  Everyone is great in that direction and again, we headed home fairly earlier.

It is almost goodbye to 2014.  I know we are all looking forward to moving on and seeing what 2015 will bring; well, we know mostly what it will bring, but there are always surprises and unexpected events that make each year unique and special.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Shelly's Glass'n

This is where Shelly holes up and works away at her glass.  The basement provides a great spot to fire up the propane and oxygen torch, and then the kiln to finish off her samples.  She has been as busy as an elf up in the North Pole turning and spinning her samples into a sundry of decorative beads.
And of course she doesn't always cue herself up in a mask, purple safety glasses, her pajama pants, a hooded sweatshirt, and her barn jacket...  She is usually strutting around the house looking a pretty as a picture and being a super terrific mom.

Snow White

I got myself backstage and helping during the 8 show run of a Snow White Pantomime at The Livery over the past two weeks.  It turned out to be a great show with incredible singing, great great laughs, and really good acting too.  I didn't have to do too much; just some twists and turns of set changes and a few effects and such.  Just basically be there for backstage help and support.

It was directed and stage managed by the ever capable Kevin and Stephanie, as seen, so I really didn't have too much too worry about.  The set was already constructed and painted, the props were already organized and in place, and the show was well on its way.  They didn't really need my help, but the extra set of hands came in handy, so to speak, during the show dates.  And just one extra picture with Molly and King Garry!

I would hangout backstage.  I worked with a few folks who I know or have been in other shows with.  And of course I got to meet a number of really nice folks for the first time.  All in all it was really fun to be involved and help out.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Just a Quick Summary

Just out and about and keeping busy.  We are all very well. 

Got out sporadically for 2 different deer hunts; the first of November up in Lucknow, and the first of December in Bayfield.  Totally skunked.  I zeroed out both weeks.  Although, I didn't or couldn't commit too much time because of work.  At any rate, up in Lucknow I had a fawn and doe run within 20 or 30 feet of me through a wooded area.  I rifled up and took a few cracks - hit nothing but trees and they scattered off.  They were pretty close...  Oh well.  And this past week I saw nothing.  Nothing with four long legs and brown fur.  Nothing....

The weather was nice and I enjoyed a few nice walks and sits in the bush.  Saw lots of squirrels.  Not hundreds, but so many.  I startled out a coyote, and saw a weasel and a rabbit chasing each other.  I got to hunt with my good friend from Windsor and his father.  i also got out with a few guys from Goderich.  All in all it was nice to be out and enjoy nature.
I am helping out backstage at The Livery.  There is an 8 show run of a Snow White Pantomine.  It is quite funny, and the actors have worked very hard perfecting the songs, dance routines, and farcical dialogue.  The audience has quite enjoyed booing the evil queen, and cheering on snow white and the 7 dwarfs.  It doesn't take a genius to predict the outcome of the play, but the journey along the way is what makes it so entertaining.

I got Molly backstage after Sunday's show for a few pictures.  She really thinks The Livery is quite a place and loves to find out the names of the actors and what they are doing.
Who says you have to go to Florida just to get a picture of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.

I will try to get more content up over the next month to really pad my year end stats.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Post Parties

We actually had two parties back to back.  Our Halloween/SNL party was quite fun.  Most people dressed up in a likeness or costume from the show.  I was an okay Deiter, MacGruber made an appearance, a few Wayne and Garths...  It was fun. 

So everything wrapped up in the wee hours after lots of food, drink, and karaoke.  The house was a disaster, a few broken glasses, but whatever...  The next party, Molly's birthday party, was going to start at about 11:00am the next morning.  It would be a tight turn around and clean up.  I wasn't feeling too good.

After getting things swept and wiped down, the house lit up again with four 3 year olds ready to have at it.  A few friends from day care would be all excited and all go for the next 2 hours.  It was a good thing Shelly was feeling better then I was because I was in no condition to hold these donkeys attention.  At any rate, the kids had a good party with some singing and dancing of their own, food, and drink too of course.  We had a few slip ups; no ketchup for french fries and no icing for cupcakes, but we continued on nearly seamlessly.  All had a very good time.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Shelly & Molly Concert

Friday Oct. 10, 2014


A couple of useless nags. Don't do to much.  They just keep their heads down and do what they are told.  Don't mind to be pet or stroked every now and again.  Get waited on hoof to mouth...

It was Thanksgiving weekend and we all were going in different directions a bit this year.  However Molly and I made it out to the Wright's place to see the kittens, the chickens, the cow, a dog, a couple of horses, and of course the titleholders of the property.  Everybody was of course doing swell and it was quite warm and sunny weather.
We also crossed paths with Shelly's brother and his family.  It is always quite the time.  Molly is consistently quite ill-behaved in their company.  She is a terrible nuisance and pest towards her cousin especially.  At any rate, I tried to calm the waters with a friendly photo, but that didn't go so well.
A frog at the Wright's pond.

Monday, October 6, 2014


I hear and read about many horror stories about posting things such as this online, although nobody really reads my blog, plus, the address isn't listed....  However, anyone with any where-with-all would be able to sort out Lighthouse Street if they knew the community I live in....  However, I made this online at a website called and it was pretty easy and user friendly.  They had lots of different fonts and backgrounds and I think most elementary aged kids could probably do as good of a job as I did here, if not better.  Way better.

So ya - we are gong to have a bit of a party on Halloween.  Friends have stopped over to the house, but we didn't have a, "Come on over", or "Welcome In" type of party that is sometimes customary, sometimes not when people move.  So I guess this event will serve as double purpose.

We are mostly moved in.  Pictures and such - or more pictures other than the floor would certainly shed light into the rest of the house and its style.  However - I suppose that is why one might want to come over.

As for my costume, I don't know - but I am thinking about trying to pull off a church lady or an androgynous Pat.  Something from the 90s for sure....  It should be fun.  Another friend was supposed to have a themed party like this, or was encouraged to, 5 years ago.  He hasn't yet.  So I don't figure I am stomping on his parade by doing so.

Two things that Shelly has grown; the pumpkin and Molly.  Way-to-go Shelly.  Looking great!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Post Labour Day Weekend

I busted out my KTM black and orange colours to start the school year.  I was inspired by the idea that if I had motorcycle gear on, I'd rip and burn through this school year as quickly as possible - somewhat like how I ride.  Will it happen?  Who knows.  The year will be great though I am sure and I was looking forward to getting it going.

We had a good long weekend.  There was a lot of outdoor activities done.  Nothing was really any better than the others we did - however I got some pictures at the fish pond.  A few of us hit the spring fed watering hole to wrestle with a few rock bass.  It is easy, easy fishing.  Rod, reel, line, barb-less hook worms.  The reel doesn't even have to work.  So long as you can get the business end of the equation into the water - the fish are begging for it.  Every cast nets a fish.  What more can you ask for?

Most fish are bigger than this Larry!
 And Shelly, Rachel, and Molly were also having quite a fine time...

So the move into the new house was pretty exciting of course...  We had a great summer and writing about that was really fun - But the other event and topic which is near and dear right now is Shelly and she is pregnant.  I should, but don't exactly have my math correct, but I want to say she has surpassed 20 weeks in and is due around the first third part of  January.  I am decent with math, but I must confess this biology and math is a bit past me...  Shelly may even be 21 or 22 weeks into things.  A date of January 10th has been calculated.  So there you go.  Most people we work with know and family of course...

Shelly is not only looking great, but feeling great too.  So good on you Shelly, and maybe you've got another 4 more pregnancies in ya to get me to six kids - The half dozen.  What I have always wanted!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Flooring Down and In

We were really excited to put some new foundation down in one of the main rooms and through/into a bedroom.  It totally 600 square feet with a few odd corners and crops to get around.  There was carpet down, but it had all of its life taken from it; it was no longer secured to the floor in spots, a few noticeable stains, and the like.

The sub floor was in good shape - so there was nothing stopping us once I rounded up some equipment and some good help.  I got my roofers on the job; Bruce and Warren.  I figured since we shingled the Quebec Street house last year, how different could this task be?  Well - the fellers said by the end roofing is a lot easier.  They said something to the effect that you can make more mistakes on a roof that don't get noticed, compared to flooring.
This is the real stuff.  I got the real tongue and groove stuff.  It is Maple.  It is real light in some spots, but every now and again there are some dark, grainy highlights of swirls and twirls in the wood.  It looks quite sharp if I do say so myself.  The deal sealer, which I don't have pictures of it yet, is the baseboard.  I got some kiln-dried, Mennonite milled, red oak from a feller up near St. Helen's.  I finished it with a semi glossed polyurethane.  I was told to stain it, give it a light sanding, then wipe it clean, and then repeat.  I really got into that and was so happy of its finished look.  I got the quarter round too.

Anyway - it all turned out great.  I have a bit of fixing to do on the pop-up bar cover on the floor.  But for now, a mat will hide those errors and miscuts.  My transition from a bit of a hallway and into a room, then back into a closet went seamlessly!