Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ending August

Shelly and I have been quite busy and have had a few things, and places to be, on the go...  But we made it through the month - the only thing left is to get ready for school with a fresh shave, although no haircut yet.


Shelly and I went out to a post wedding reception.  I suppose all receptions are post weddings, but this one was about 6 weeks post wedding.  The couple was married in Mexico during the first of July, and then celebrated back in Goderich last Saturday night.  It was a great time, and I had a terrific looking date for the event.

(Picture Credit = Brad Bauman)

The other day Shelly's dad, George McBride, and I finished tiling the last 3 acres or so of the property.  We put another 1,000 feet of tile in.  It was much, much dryer then when we laid the first 1,000 feet of tile, thus an easier task.  This won't, hopefully become my paregon.  The farm is looking okay.  There is still a few thousand tires kicking around.  But that doesn't really seem too difficult considering what we've done.  Ed says his beans are doing superb!  Next winter wheat goes in and now he has more land to sow.

School starts with kids on Tuesday.  We have to report to work this Thursday September, 1 for some pre-planning activities.  The class I am in is satisfactorily prepared to take pupils right now, and will be good for next week. 

Anyhow - I hope to report some good stories from the long weekend which is quickly coming up.  Plus I still have to get a foto of that wood chipper in town.... 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So all in all Shelly and I have weathered Sunday's storm without any damage to the house or yard.  Neighbours down the street have a window out here and there, and there are a few big trees down, but we were all very lucky on Quebec Street.  I picked up one fallen limb from the property about 6 feet long and it had the diametre of my wrist....

The town is buzzing with the sounds of woodchippers, chainsaws, gas generators, and helicopters flying overhead.  One problem I notice is that people seem to be driving about, just being curious to see the damage.  On one hand, I can hardly blame them as it is really impressive to see.  But the added traffic on the roads is very congestive.  Police are firmly stationed at all major intersections and junctions to prevent people and cars from going into certain areas.

We are still without electricity, and hot water.  Our phone is working, but I don't have an answering machine hooked up to it.  I have had to throw out nearly everything from the fridge and freezer.  Not having hot water is probably the biggest inconvience.  Getting by without electricity isn't too terrible (in the summer at least).

So anyway - there are thousands of pictures out there, so a few more from me isn't going to tell any new story that hasn't been told. 

Although - I am just off to take a picture of a pretty impressive wood chipper that came to town.  1 million beavers wouldn't do what this sucker is capable of.  Check back.

But while all this was happening, like I said, Shelly and I were out fishing with Scott, Leanne, and their son Noah.  We caught and released plenty of fish and had a great time as usual.

And the biggest fish of the day went to....  you see it....  Yours Truly!

Monday, August 22, 2011

No Worries

Shelly and I were not even around town when all of the action happened.  We were up in Lucknow and didn't know about the storm.  By 6:00 pm or so people were calling Shelly's folks place and asking about if we were all right - and we didn't know what was going on.... 

At 8:00 pm or so Barry and I drove into Goderich, but were stopped at Saltford by the police.  I walked/ran into the house and sussed out the situation.  It was pretty bad with trees down and whatnot, but as soon as I got to my section of Quebec Street, it looked as if nothing really happened.  My patio furniture was here, there, and everywhere.  The cat was unaccounted for too.  I haven't been in town to take in photos. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Broken, But We Ain't Beat!

We sailed through 80 to 90 tires in 90 minutes today.  Our confidence was at an all time high.  We hardly fought or wrestled with any of the castors.  So I thought we should try something big.  I put a 40 inch diametre truck tire in it and we broke the weld.  It was bound to happen I suppose....  It would not have broke if we just stayed the course and crunched away at the car wheels.  Oh well.  After 2,000 tires, this isn't the end of the world.  It'll be up and running in 48 hours, stronger then ever.  Our spirits are still high to finish our project by Labour Day. 
So in summary, I would say:
  • we've crushed 2,000 tires
  • removed about 3,000 tires from the property and they are in a recycling program
  • about 6,000 minutes of work = 100 hours easily among everyone (Barry, Jeff, Joel, Shelly, Ambrose, myself, etc.)
  • cashed out $2,600 of scrap steel
  • paid out about $3,200 in costs
All figures are estimates, but I can't be too far off.  We are getting there though.  In the main pile, which this picture represents, there are about 700 tires remaining.  I realize you only see about 125 or so - but again, they are buried, they are behind, they are under, or they are a bit out of frame. 

So the rest of the day we just sort of hung out.  I went to work on the horse again - its hooves.  The poor thing is a bit banged up, sort of like me these days (although I have a dam sore right knee).  It stood at attention and let me trim up its nails.  As a reward - I shared my Bud Light with it. 
Shelly and Lucky struck a pose for me.  Ralph, the dog, also got camera friendly with my sweet baby.

Just a few more pictures to finish off the day:  I know I don't look like it, but I feel like I am getting ready to get back to my original occupation for another 4 years anyway....  Nice diaper bag A.J.!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Wear The Pants In The Family.... They Just So Happen To Be My Wife's

Well - her's from high school anyway.  I was out at her parents last Monday and there were a few hundred bales of straw to throw.  I didn't have anything to wear so Shelly got out some of her best garments from high school.  They fit me just fine - The cows don't care what I look like in the barn.  So whatever.  It was pretty easy work, and I made it look good too.

I had Joel and Jeff help me out, and I can't forget Cohen either, to throw 600 or so tires at the dump.  Good riddance too!  We chucked them off on Saturday.  It was rather hot and dirty, again.  But it is a job for more then one and I am so thankful that I get at least one of their hands to help, so two is twice as nice.  Thanks boys!
Today was fun.  We went rat'n out at the Wrights - No, there weren't any real estate agents to chase.  You'll have to see the video.

So yes - We chased this sucker around for about 30 minutes before we isolated it in an area to pinch it up with the BBQ tongs.  Joel quarterbacked the raid and capture, I held it hostage temporarily - and the dog Boomer finished it off.  (It is a Jack Russel Terrier.)  Life on the farm can be cruel.  Although there is always something fun and interesting happening at the Wright's - which I have mentioned before.  Trista was happy we got it.  Sorry about your luck Templeton.
We finished off the day by going to see the big horses at work at the fairgrounds.  They certainly can pull and put and effort into a sleigh of weight.
I have taken about 25 pictures this week, and again none of Shelly and I or Shelly and the belly.  This week.  For sure.  Check back.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just a few quick words and updates...

Shelly is doing great!  I do, but I also don't really have any pictures of her budding belly.  She just is at, or may be a few days over 5 months pregnant.  I will have to get some pictures up though.  She looks terrificly pregnant.

The Tremains were in town for a few days of action.  Rich helped me out a great deal out at the farm.  We just picked up scrap metal laying around and garbage.  Poor guy; he was out for 15 minutes and his work boot blew apart, and then his pants ripped something terrible.  I warned him it was horrific work. 

Teresa and the kids enjoyed the beach, and a few rides around the town in a cop car while Rich worked with me.  Beaser came by to show the kids how the lights and sirens worked.  I thought it was rather unfortunate he didn't show them how the gun fired or the handcuffs locked....  Nevertheless.  We all had a blast hanging out.  We threw in a few runs, a great BBQ, some drinks and a game of Trivial Persuit too.  What a great time!  (And some Windsor boys were around too to enjoy said activites = Gary, Sinclair, Weston, Dalton and Guffer.)

Beaser and I hit up the Shore to Shore Road Race this past Monday.  It goes from Oliphant to Wiarton.  It is 8 miles long, over rolling terrain, and it was dam hot.  I got the win in 44:30 and I was really pleased.  I kept a steady and consistent pace, felt great, and had lots left over.  So the running and training has been going soooo well.  I had a great July of running and I hope to keep the momentum going throughout August and the fall. 

I just have to mention one last thing.  Jeff Thuss has been out helping at the farm at an incredible rate.  He fears no amount of work or labour.  He digs out tires, collects scrap steel, and loads and unloads wheels feverishly.  Jeff - thanks a ton for all of your hard work as of late.