Monday, November 2, 2015

Toronto - New York City - San Juan PR - Virgin Gorda BVI

It was only a 12 hour day really.  The problem was it started super early, there was some misplaced luggage, but the kids were tolerable and made decent enough travel companions.  We were lined up in one immigration cue at 4:00 am in Toronto, and also at 4:00 in Virgin Gorda. 

The first section was from Toronto to New York.  We only waited 40 minutes at the airport, then it was off to San Juan, were we had a 2.5 hour wait, then the final flight was 50 minutes.  This last section was memorable because the plane was quite small.  It only had 9 seatbelts; the pilot’s would be the 10th.  The prop on the wing was less then a metre from me - and it was loud!  We only flew a few thousand metres in the air and it was neat to see all the boats and islands passed over.  Despite our luggage not being on the plane, the whole day went well.

When we arrived we had a mini cheering section which was great for Shelly.  Her good friend came to greet us with two of her children.  There was immediate hugs, hellos and introductions, and then off to our digs for the next month.  It was but  1 mile from the gravel runway of the airport in which we touched down.  Her friend Laura is a Cape Bretoner from Sydney, NS.  I can’t wait to chat her ear off for the next month.
We were invited over to Laura and Simon’s house for a dinner of chilli and rice.  The kids watched a video.  There house is quite nice.  It is capped off with an infinity pool over the edge of the cliff with views into the Carribean Sea.... 

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