Friday, November 27, 2015

The Baths, BVI

I probably saved the best location to the end of the trip.  The Baths is a gem of a place about 2.5km from the house.  It has become my de-facto out and back running loop, which I have managed about 4 times since being here!  Anyway this would be the most iconic tourist place on the island.  It is also classified as a National Park.  The Baths is separated into two areas; a main beach, and then a 400m hike to Devil's Bay which is through caves, and across many obstacles.

One of the main ingredients of The Baths are the humongous rocks.  They are bigger and more plentiful then the ones at Spring Bay.  The rocks create this natural cave-like pathway to a secondary swimming hole called Devil's Bay.  The water was quite rough, and I wouldn't say there was an under tow, but there is quite a strong current that will keep you on your toes.  To be honest it got a hold of me and dragged me out 10-12 feet passed where I would rather be...  But it definitely wasn't pulling me under.  It wasn't too busy, but I got chit chatting to a few people who had arrived by boat and are staying on it.

I read an article just a week or so ago that indicated 90% of the world's super yachts or maybe just "yachts",  and/or both, only get sailed in the Caribbean or Mediterranean bodies of water.  Sure enough there were plenty of 30 foot plus sail boats and powerboats as far as the eye could see moored about this area.  It is all you see....

There was another funny thing about the day and going to The Baths.  There is a $3 admin. fee to get into the park which is not a big deal.  I went up to the booth to pay, and I had Molly with me, but the lady working new Shelly and wouldn't take our money...  There was a long-ish line of people and they looked at the two of us with a bit of local/celebrity status.  I just sort of shrugged my shoulders after it all happened and explained to them that it is a tourist fee, and since I am a local, I am exempt.  It started a bit of a conversation and I proceeded to give them directions to certain places they had questions about, and recommendations to other points of interests and such....  I am a good actor after-all.  And my tan is quite developed so that helps too.  I would have never made such bold moves two weeks ago without the aid of the sun.

 Days usually end with a trip to the local grocer for some food for dinner, as well as a swim in the pool to rinse off the traces of salt, sweat, and sand the day leaves.  We also returned the library books we had checked out, and are in the process of transitioning back home....

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