Sunday, November 22, 2015

Caribbean vs. Atlantic

There is a spot on the island where these two bodies of water are only separated by a few hundred metres. There is a fantastic lookout which puts you on top of them, pretty much.  Maybe these two pictures show the differences.
The Atlantic Ocean:
The Caribbean Sea:
The cooler is much different, and the size of the waves may pop out at you?  Also, I have never seen a boat in the Atlantic, yet in the Caribbean I would challenge you to look out and not see one.  The Caribbean seems to have sandy beaches, whereas the Atlantic is just a shoreline with rock...  Maybe the pictures don't quite do it, but it is neat to see first hand..

On this small island there is a few National Parks of course, and one of them is called Gordo Peak.  It is 200 plus acres and its point of interest is a neat observation booth at its summit.  It isn't as large as some of the structures that are built in the south of the U.S. to see forest fires, but it is high enough and you can see Coppermine Point, Beef Island airport in Tortola, and out to Necker Island and Leverick Bay....  You simply turn 360 degrees and you would see nearly to Puerto Rico too....It was rocky, and sort of reminded me of the Grouse Grind, but one-tenth as easy...  Easier even then that.
Walking up or down?
Shelly and Molly did a bit of a nature walk and hike to a different national park.  They went out to The Baths.  Shelly said the water was quite rough and not great for swimming.  Apparently they dismissed the idea of a fuller day at the park for an afternoon lunch and french fry snack, as well as a pool at the restaurant, instead....  Molly has no filter.  When they got home the first thing was dad, guess what....  we just ate fries!

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