Sunday, November 22, 2015

A week passed without any news or information.  We are all well and keeping on in the nice weather.  The truth is everything that we did this week was a bit of a repeat of what has already been done; more swimming, more walking, more at the beach.  The thing of it is on an island that is only 7 miles square, there is only so much to do.  There is still a bit of unfinished business to do this week.  And since there is only another week and a bit here, we will go at it this week.

Last night was a bit interesting and funny.  I went to watch the national football/soccer team of BVI play a club or a men's league team from St. Maarten. As I already wrote a buddy, you really would have to be there to appreciate the humour and interesting nature of what was witnessed.  Try to imagine:
1.  Pre game had blaring Caribbean house music from a DJ with an accompanying fashion show that was suspect to say the least in terms of fashion
2.  The opposing team was titled "Willful&Skillful" - neither of which I thought was reflective
3.  The whole game was narrated by the DJ from the fashion show - live play by play
4.  The physical disposition of the soccer players from the BVI national team did not strike me as "national team-esque" - the goalie was about half my height and twice my width
5.  The national team didn't seem to have national-esque uniforms, clothing, paraphernalia
6.  The pitch was a complete joke - covered in ruts and patches on end without grass

But hey.  Who am I?  I am a joke and would appear quite out of place and sorts down here.  Even funny too perhaps.

And of course there are other subtle things that go on.  In general the cars people drive down here are just so funny too.  Many are stickered or decaled with pretty bold language and images.  The "Hoes before Bros"  is common, "$ before B@tches", and of course the middle finger salute with "F-U Haterzs!!!!"  It is all pretty common.  The taxis are funny down here.  All pick up trucks with big benches in the back.
Of course there are a tonne of really neat cars that you can't get in North America.  The most popular truck down here seems to be an awesome looking 4-door Mazda BT-50.  There are also a bunch of really cool 4-door Mitsubishi trucks too.  It isn't uncommon to see nicer BMWs and Toyotas....  The most common brand is definitely Suzuki though.  Half the vehicles seem to be Suzukis.

And the Suzuki we have been driving is:

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