Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Spring Bay Swimming Hole

We all walked over and around to Spring Bay for an hour or so at the beach.  The swimming area isn't very deep, nor is it that large.  It is surrounded by an enclave of smooth boulders and rocks about 4 or 5 times bigger then most pick-up trucks.  The water was crystal clear and very warm.

There was a nice couple there as well.  I got the idea that he worked at a university and taught, as well as having a registered alpaca heard which they shear for the fleece.  He obviously had the animals, and also said he was a psychologists of some sort - he just seemed more of an academic guy rather then a clinical worker.

Things are going on fine down here.  We maybe are going a bit hard with Molly.  Maybe a bit too much walking and go-going.  Considering the heat, and again the terrain, she seems a bit out of sorts and maybe has hit the wall today.  She is just a bit tired and lethargic - not herself. 

I don't know if it is us and the general mess that we tend to leave, but the bugs, flies and mosquitoes have really picked up about the property.  I tend to think it is us, and the fallen food and all that - but the bugs have become increasingly annoying and a bit of a problem.  The kids have bites all over their legs and whatnot...  There are lots of little ants around too.
My buddy and his wife are traveling through Africa rite now and are documenting their journey.  I don't suppose he/they would mind if I indicated would be a good place to check out his insights of 40 days on the road.  Good luck on your trip Scott and Leanne - see you back at home in December.

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