Thursday, November 5, 2015

Keeping On

In another 15 years or so Molly and I can start to put back some Heinny'z on a serious basis, until then I will have a few, and she can drink something else.

Last night we were invited over to a couple's house for dinner named Ann and Harry.  They are ex-pat Americans who have been down here since the mid/early 90s.  They are into television, media, and the video editing and production that comes along with that particular portfolio.  They have a beautiful house....  Are incredibly nice ....  All those things....  Shelly taught their kids 10 plus years ago, and of course they are all grown up and into the college scene and life.  So it was a fantastic get-together for them, and will we see them a few more times over the next three weeks.

We went for a morning walk to visit the school Shelly's friend Laura is the principal at.  I never really got inside to suss out the learning and working conditions.  Shelly brought a goody-bag stuffed with stickers, erasers, pencils, and such from the Dollar-Rama in Goderich.  Those items are a universal currency to elementary aged students, and to fellow teachers.  I will report back with some accounts and observations of the school once I roll up my sleeves and get into the action.

The traffic on the blog has picked up.  I have been averaging about 20 hits a day, rather then 20 a month which is more usual.  But I have told lots of people about making an effort to check it out more and that is happening.

In typical Macaulay/Johnston fashion we are usually disheveled and a bit wild.  We have broken a few things, lost a few things, forgot a few things.....  I didn't bring one pair of casual shorts.  I don't know what I was thinking.  It isn't such a big deal, however it was a bone head packing move.  If it isn't a swimming short or a Nike running short, I am not wearing it.

The neighbours down here went to university at Saint Mary's in Halifax in the late 90s.  They loved it.  They are locals, but heading off island to school is a must.  They are quite surprised we are swimming as much as we are.  Apparently they only swim from June to September; during the summer.  They feel as if it is too cold to be swimming this time of year.  I assure you the weather is very nice reaching 30 degrees every day.  It is maybe similar to how certain people on ski or snowboard only 20cm days in Rossland.  If you are from an area, you just expect the best and most pristine conditions to get out in them.  Otherwise, what is the point?

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