Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hog Heaven

As it is in most places, an immigrant workforce is noticeable almost everywhere one goes - I would love to hear/read about some of Scott's experience of that in Africa.  So there are a lot of Hispanic workers here from Latin American and Puerto Rico.  The Hog Heaven restaurant is no exception.  It is located on the backside of Nail Bay.  The food was delicious, and the views were equally spectacular.  It was run by some Spanish speaking off-islanders, who were quite nice.

We loaded up the Suzuki and hit the road for a lunch at noon - or as farmers would say dinner.  Surprisingly there were not a lot of people there for a facility that offers very reasonably priced food and great service.  But I guess it is a bit off the beaten path too.  We ordered a rib meal, as well as a fried chicken creation.  There was homemade coleslaw, potato salad, french fries were ordered, and 3 plates would serve us well.  There was a lovely Caribbean breeze that kept my hair in my face for the duration of our time there.  As usually, Shelly ran into an old friend that she hadn't seen in 9 years.  The girl rhymed off her name and gave a big hello very quickly as she didn't think she had changed much other then the 2 accompanying kids, and yours truly.  Again, always recognized = Shelly.

This is it - Necker Island:
This is the place of places I suppose - Recreation and hospitality starts at tens of thousands a night.  I am sure it is worth it.

From reading my buddies blog as he travels through Africa he notes that his son is quite the attraction and gathers lots of curiousity and wonder from the locals.  I would say Wally is quite the charmer here.  Both the local kids and adults usually have something nice to say about how he is cute or how he smiles all the time and such....  Maybe they would like to take him for 24hrs and see how he is at night!  Anyway kids seem to be one of those global truths representing innocence or righteousness?  I don't know what it is, but it is something.

I am enjoying reading his blog and it seems like the other universal traveler's plight is "expensivity".  Oh well.  Although that isn't always true as I wrote back in January about that guy who road his motorcycle around the world for like 5 years and budgeted like twenty or thirty bucks a day....  Hey there is all ways to do it.  

This afternoon Shelly went to a church to play the piano, or maybe organ, in a pre-Thanksgiving celebration.  Apparently there are some Thanksgiving songs and whatnot down here?  We bought some tickets to the local Thanksgiving Day feast and fundraiser which isn't for another week, but I guess it is a popular event.

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