Wednesday, November 4, 2015

48 Months

November 3rd was a big day down here.  Molly turned the big 0-4.  We promised her a pool party, which was quite easy to accommodate given our situation and location.  She was quite proud of herself and told the local law enforcement of her age.  So congrats Molly.  You have come quite far during your time.

We went for a walk out to a historical point on the island called Coppermine.   It was about 3/4 of a mile each way; up and down of course from the house.  Molly did okay, but benefited from a shoulder ride for a while.  Wally was carried in one of those sling apparatus set-ups for kids.  We have a bad tire on the stroller, but I am sure it will be fixable.

Wally has also aged quite well down here, and in general.  He will soon be 10 months, and for the past 6 weeks he has transformed into a much, much more easily managed boy.  He is eating, as well as picking food up on his own and plowing it into his mouth with lots of enthusiasm, he really likes to drink out of a bottle finally, and he is sleeping so much better too.  This includes regular 2 to 3 hour naps over the noon hour.  He loves the water and swimming down here.  Way to go Wally!  Finally.

In some regards days are really long.  The heat and sunshine lasts a long time.  We haven't quite hit our stride with much to do.  We don't have locomotive mobility or ease.  Molly is a bit clingy and is more attached to our attention, rather then her own play and enlightenment....  But by and by we are getting our grove on and exploring.  We went down to the marina area, sussed out a car rental place nearby, and have got to the library.  Acclimatizing is going to be a gradual process, and just when we are all on it, I fear it will be time to push on home.

The library was interesting.  It is only the size of a school portable.  It has a mixed collection of encyclopedias and other bygone reference books, as well as a few computers and newer selections.  Just as we arrived, a 2nd grade class came in for their weekly book exchange and story time.  We were met with lots, lots, and lots of excitement and touching.  The students were mostly impressed with Wally.  They just touched him and rubbed his legs and head.  The teacher commanded their attention well, and they seemed like a fair bunch of pupils that any teacher in the Avon Maitland District School Board would love to teach.  All the kids were in uniform, and again, seemed quite personable and enthusiastic.  There will be a few more school and classroom experiences to write about over the month.

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