Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fischer's Cove

If there was ever a lame posting it may be this one.  With the house's refrigerator getting a bit empty, and not seeing the need to stock up on supplies, we went for a walk, and Shelly said we would surely find a good break-y at Fischer's Cove.  Not only was the food good, it also offered great views of the Caribbean and accompanying islands.

As nice as people are down here, and they are super nice, I haven't found the restaurant service to be all that impressive.  Not much chit chat which is fine, but very little secondary service like asking if you want more coffee, another drink perhaps, asking how the meal was, and things like that.  But maybe down here that is normal, but I do eat out often enough at home to know that there is a bit more effort elsewhere.  Plus I have been in the industry, as I love telling this one lady I work with = Hey Susan!

I have had an incredible number of views on the blog this month.  Nearing 1,000 actually, which is generally 975 more then most months.  I don't get anything out of it, just the satisfaction of getting these adventures and pictures posted for people to enjoy....  I still go back every now and again and reread and review the content posted years ago.  As it stands the blog will turn 30,000 views before the new year.  Just another neat milestone.

Sometimes I worry if what I write is every going to come back and not be understood, or taken out of context by someone, and I know it will.  I haven't ever posted any pictures that were suspect, but even so offense may be taken with a photo or two.  I know there are grammatical errors and sloppy sentences at times as well.  I can tell you that ever effort is made to keep things written (well/good?).  As of yet I haven't been called out on anything - so that is good.  But 5 years and 266 postings later, I am trying to keep it up.  I think I am more then satisfied with this blog.  Proud, in a weird, developmental way.

Last night we went over to the Fox's for dinner.  Simon Fox owns a construction company down here.  Housing is his game.  Not naming names or locations, but he said there is one outfit down here that is building high end, real high end villas at $1200 a square foot.  Keep in mind the property alone is tens of millions for 3 acres or so....  You know, a bit more dear then prime southwestern Ontario farmland.

Certain costs are obviously more expensive due to geography and getting things in.  Regardless that was rather, maybe extremely expensive.  Simon took nearly 7 years to build his house as he did it all himself, and thought he hit just north of $240 or so a square foot with some real high end ($30,000) sliding doors, and extra high end costs that were special to them, but maybe not quite necessary.  Their house is as nice as anything we've been in here, or at home....  I know Scott would understand a bit about $ per square foot - maybe more then he would like to know, seeing as though he just built a new house a few months ago.  Plus our neighbours Dave and Susan, who are just days away of getting into a freshly built house, would know all too much about costs and time over-runs regarding building a house.
Christmas is actually a big deal down here and in the Caribbean in general.  Decorations are plentiful, trees get put up, and you can just feel it.  There is a mall in Puerto Rico that falls synthetic snow from inside an area of it.  The Fox family orders a real tree, and has all the complemental supplies.  (GE mini X-Mas lights, 30ft length?, were $25 at the grocery store, so maybe $1200 a square foot for building a house is par for everything else...)

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