Thursday, September 23, 2010


Day 16 Wednesday September 22nd, 2010

Toronto, ON

Total Km –0 km (7129km)
Litres of Gas – 0L (389L)
Cost of Gas - $0 ($434.50)
Hotel - $0 ($463, 5 nights)
Camping - $0 ($15, 3 nights)
Ferry - $0 ($244.50, 2 crossings)
Running – 8 km (79 km – 13 runs)
Toll Roads - $0 ($7.00 – 2 tolls)

I woke up to rain this morning. Thankfully I had no discernible place to go. But since I was in the big smoke, I did want to stop in on and say hello to a former roommate. Why would he mind? He is busy, his wife just had a baby a week ago, and they've probably had way too many visitors in the past week. Timing has never been my forte. Perhaps I should email first. Naw....

I went over to Tim's, and today's 10km ride was by far the most scary in the past 2 weeks. Toronto traffic. Street car tracks. Manic taxi drivers..... I'll take 1200km of gravel any day over King, to Bathurst, to St. Clair, and up Younge. But like the trooper I am, I blasted through it.

I had a good visit with Tim's wife Kate and saw their two children. Tim was at work, so I got back on my trusty stead and went to find the Commerce Court West building where Tim works. No problems. We had a great lunch and a pint together. I retold some of my less then heroic antics on the road, but mostly we were talking about mutual friends and the Windsor-glory-days.  They'll pass you bye, you know.

This is where I wanted to mention something else I haven't kept an accurate tally on with the trip, but it has been significant. I have not logged all of the “freebies” I have gotten over the course of the trip. Let's see how I do....

  • lunch with Coates ($15?)
  • beers and breakfast with Gord (plus he said I could have stayed at his house and not pay the hotel..... so that has to be about $60 or so)
  • beers, food, snacks, more beers, place to stay with Marion ($300?)
  • beers, food, hospitality with Alex and Crystal ( $250?)
  • beers, food, hospitality, hiking with Scott & Allison ($300?)
  • Toronto hospitality of the MacLeod's again, Orman, Richy, Kites & Keya obviously, & Timmer ($500 easily....)
Excuse me if I have forgotten to mention anyone.... But it all adds up. Big time. The generosity has been more then phenomenal. Believable, but unbelievable. Thank you to everyone. I owe you all, and I have no problems with a stop over from anyone for a glass of tap water and bologna on white bread!

Kiteley and I met back up by 4:40. We went for a run over to the Centre Tech track, pulled a few loops, and back to his office. It was the longest run I've had since June at about 40 minutes. Everything felt good too. We had a good dinner of a Greek salad and Hawaiian pizza. But these two tired dogs retreated at 8:30, skipping out on a rendezvous with Beaser. Sorry buddy. (I was looking for another freebie too – Steve is generous.)

So it was a very early night.....  That is okay. 

It will be so great to get home and hold and see my Shelly.  This trip has been bittersweet.  It is tough to be away from Shelly.  Hearing her voice on the phone is nice, but not the same as being with her in person.  Soon enough.

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