Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Post - The Adventure Begins

Day 1 = Goderich – Voyageur Provincial Park (Hawkesbury, ON)

Tuesday September 7, 2010.

It is 8:30. It is pouring rain. I am in a tent. Luckily, just luckily I got it all set up, called Shelly, and I am settled in. Dinner was last nights' leftovers that I brought with me. And a pepperette for desert. Awesome! Huge, huge thunder and lightning.... It is absolutely pouring out now. Dam.

Other then the last 20 minutes and not being comfortable as I type, it was a great day. Goodbyes to Shelly and her cat. A few pictures in the driveway, and then promptly pushed off for the nearest gas station. I was on empty. Dad would have been filled from the night before.

The first stop took me to Brookside where I saw my first wild animal of the day = Larry Grail! A few teachers gave me the middle finger through some windows, but I stopped into the office, like the good sport I am, to say hi. Then bye. Plus, I am reminded of all of the kids waiting for the bus on the way to school today who I saw. – I gave a smug, smug wave to a few former students with a “you-know-what” eating grin on my face. HA.

Holy crap it is raining hard.

My 2nd stop of the day took me to Arthur, ON to see my best man's dad George Tremain. The last time I saw George was at the Barcelona Port in July. Among a few others, George and his wife were on the same cruise as Shelly and me during the honeymoon. (Awesome times. Whacka whacka.) George is a great man and it was nice to say hello because he is so upbeat, so happy, and so exciting. He's the kind of guy a guy likes to see on a solo trip. Lots of energy. George has been to Lab City, where I'll be in a few days, and he was a bit shocked to hear of my adventure, but wished me the very best nevertheless. See you around George!

Checking for leaks around the base of the tent, it looks good – But holy crap is it raining.

My 3rd stop had me crossing paths with an equally rad fellow (Lancer). I promptly met Andrew Coates at his folk's house in Newmarket by 11:00 or so. We drove out to a conservation area and he took me on a 3 mile run which felt decent..... *I have had a horrendous case of achilles tendinitis since the end of June and I haven't done too much running. We got back to the house and we had a delicious, delicious breakfast scoff of eggs, pancakes and bacon. I took a shower, posed with Andrew for a photo and pushed off just after 1:20 or so. Andrew – it was great seeing you too today! Thanks again.

Condensation on the inside of the tent. Is it my sweat or the outside rain coming to invade?

Then the big push to get where I am now. I had a stop in Perth and drank loads of water and ate my strawberries and grapes I had packed. I took a picture of the dirtiest, nastiest Honda Goldwing I'd ever seen.... The GPS said 2 more hours to get here and I thought what the heck.... Sort of regretting it now because of the weather. I should be in the Comfort Inn! I'd have dry crap to wear tomorrow too.

Nothing much else to mention..... It is now 9 o'clock. I am tired... Another big day tomorrow.

Good night Shelly. I love you.

Total km driven – 733

Total Gas L bought – 43

Total $ spent on gas - 40

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