Sunday, September 26, 2010

Recap and Final Thoughts

I had a super terrific trip and was so happy I did it. 

The toughest part was fighting through the weather.  I learned if you start the day dry, you can get 6 or 7 hours in and still stay mostly dry if you are dress correctly and it isn't that bad.  But if you start the day wet, you are screwed.  It is also tough to keep going when you are cold.  You just can't shake the bone chilling numbness in your hands especially.  Those things are tough.

Having the right equipment is so important for these long trips.  Especially in the clothing end.  The weather changes so much.  Being too hot is just as uncomfortable as well.  So I can't say enough about trying to have a good mix of clothing for these long hauls.  Bring it anyway....

The bike was awesome, awesome, awesome.  It gave me no problems, except for the heated grips of course.  It just ate up the gravel and it also does a dam fine job of the slab as well.  The big difference is having solid tires though.  I just couldn't imagine what, you know, regular highway tires would look like after 300 km on the gravel., let alone the 1000 plus I was on it.  Get good tires and make sure the bike has had a bit of a tune up before going on such a journey.

The best part was the day to day victories.  Everyday presented me with a victory, no matter how cold or wet I was.  Victories included reaching a certain destination or seeing someone.  I really focussed on riding for the moment.  I didn't get too caught up in tomorrow or a few days from now, rather I was concentrating on just riding for the here and now.  This was really beneficial in my opinion.

As far as other highlights, it was really special to visit all of the people I got to see.  Unbelievable.  I still find it a bit unreal I have so many friends on the road.  It was great to see my friends.

Seeing the changing landscape was also pretty cool.

I am also pretty happy that I made it all of those kilometres safe, sound, and back to that sweet baby of mine Shelly.  That is obviously the most important victory.

So ya = All is great at home; I know it is where the heart is.  I am in no big rush to push off any day soon, however......

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