Monday, September 20, 2010

Ripping on 2

Day 14 Monday September 20th, 2010

Bathurst, NB – Gorman, NH

Total Km –780 km (6139km)
Litres of Gas – 40L (353L)
Cost of Gas - $41.25($397.50)
Hotel - $52 ($463, 5 nights)
Camping - $0 ($15, 3 nights)
Ferry - $0 ($244.50, 2 crossings)
Running – 6.5 km (71 km – 12 runs)
Toll Roads - $0 ($4.00 – 1 toll)

A great weather day and ride! Awesome roads. A bit of traffic, but not too heavy. Hit lots of kilometrage, but it wasn't too much of a burden. Really crisp, sharp cool in the morning, and great by midday and all afternoon. Got in a great 28 minute run.....

I hit the road by 9:00. I had a terrific visit with Scott, and like all the people who have hosted me, I was treated like royalty.

I retraced our path from yesterday, with a fixed camera, and made sure I took a photo of the Mount Carleton sign. I followed two logging trucks for the first 90 minutes of the morning. We were flying along at 110 smooth km/h with no traffic in sight. As they pulled off and I around them, we waved at one another and I gestured for a few honk, honks of the big rig's horn. Hell ya I got them!

I got back into the Eastern time zone and Presque-Ilse, Maine by 11:00 am. A Tim Horton's was spied within 1 mile – unbelievable. I was online and emailed a few people and updated the blog. It is very sad to say, but seeing a Tim Horton's is/has become a bit of a “comfort blanket” for yours truly. (Purists cringe – I apologize to all of my smarter and more socially aware friends...... but it has.) I had a comforting half coffee half hot chocolate, glazed sour cream donought, and a bowl of chili. Sorry my anti-corporate, anti-establishment, more conscious friends.

This part of Maine and New Brunswick is awesome. Potato land! And the farmers were in full harvest. It was neat to see and drive through.

I saw 2 moose today.  They were on their backs.  In trailers.  Dead.  Victims of a 30.30 wound for sure.   

Eventually I made my way to trusty highway 2 in Newport, ME. This road is old faithful. Highway 2 brought my dad and I 2500km west starting in northern Michigan and ending in Washington State a few years back. It isn't quite as wide open here, but it is nice to be on. It slices through lots of nice communities of Maine, and has brought me 20 miles into New Hampshire for tonight. (Lacking pictures..... Sorry.)

A quick few words for my BMW friend from New Jersey. His wife was/is reading the blog and laughed that I referred to him as “elder”. What I meant to say is that he is one swinging dude and could have had his way with any girl north of the 52nd Parallel! But because he loves his wife  so much, it wasn't an option! Ride on my friend.

And of course to Doug Vincent again! Doug Vincent! Maybe I'll see you in Toronto – I don't know for sure though...

Boy do I miss my Shelly... A lot... I am just going to type her a special message to let her know how much I miss her and how much she means to me. For her eyes only, you know. No offence.

Pushing home – And I am really going to make the last few days count and be special.

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