Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 2 On The Road

Voyageur Provincial Park – 30km east of Quebec City on route 138

“Motel Spring”

Total km driven – 400 (1133)
Total Gas L bought – 33 (76)
Total $ spent on gas – 33 (73)

Wednesday September 8, 2010

I woke up, and inside the tent I was about 15% wet. So a pretty successful night. However, I only slept 15% of the night too. I pulled a Robert Anderson to the weather. It was a battle I wasn't going to win. It didn't really rain too much from 6:15 – 6:45, but then it started to rain again as I was packing up. Awful is about the only polite was to describe it without profanity. Perhaps horrendous. I hit the road with rain gear on and a solemn spirit.

And wet stuff of course.

Thanks for the few emails and good wishes! Rhys wrote, “time is the real currency, not $” and Scotty says his dad notes, “take it easy, but take it”. Plus there were many more polite emails from the Brookside staff, as opposed to the offensive gestures from yesterday. Shame Susan! I am getting them loud and clear. My sister wanted to know how I got internet in the tent. I am just typing this in a program that Jeff Bakker helped me download called open office, then save it, and copy/paste it into an email message when there is wireless. The hotel here has wireless in the rooms.

On a funny note, I was trying to email Marion MacLeod in St. John's these postings and I received an email back from a Marion MacLeod in Melborne, Australia! That was weird. I really need to get in touch with the St. John's Marion..... Someone email her for me please. (I have her phone number though and I will call.)

So today I crossed into Quebec in Hawkesbury and bypassed Montreal, travelling on routes 148 and 158 east. I picked up the 40 right at 3 Rivers and scuttled along limplessly getting 400 pathetic kms. But I was beat. It was damp/misty. I thought wisely to stop, get a place, and dry out my crapola. And here I am.

This place is hosting the World Mountain Bike Championships in a week or so. I saw some posters and some “set up”.

My room is tiny. A bit bigger then the 138 foot squared on the cruise. I pulled in at 2:00 pm. I wanted to get 300 more kms up to Baie-Comeau, but alas. I figure I might have to camp up there, and I need to be in dry stuff. And after 3 hours of my crap all over the place, it is sooooo much better. It was a wise decision to stop. I had a shower that was fantastic! The nozzle was almost like at the Lexington, Kites, you know, “riot police strength”. That is what I am talking about. Awesome. I am going to be super refreshed, but a bit off my mark..... I have to make some phone calls to put out a few flames. I booked a hotel in Goose Bay for this Friday night and there is absolutely know way I can safely get there. No big deal. I be there on Saturday. The only problem I notice about where I am is that it is a bit close to the road and I can hear lots of traffic. Oh well. A small price to pay. And also, Shelly isn't here with me.

I went to the grocery store and got some bittles to eat for snack/dinner. Some fruit salad, some 7 bean salad, some sushi and some ketchup chips! YUUUUMMMMM. I went for a run too as soon as I got here. Then I had a shower. 24 mins of pain free running. I was going to log my total running kms like the distance, but it is too heartbreaking. But I will try to keep it up.  (It is at 10.5km probably!)

I didn't take too many pictures.... I regret not taking this photo about 10kms west of me towards Quebec City which is a pretty spectacular waterfall. But that was the kind of attitude I had. I notice that a lot of rural Quebecers have horses/horse farms along my path today. Plus, the farms seem much more dishevelled in compared to the rural farms of Huron, Bruce, Lampton, Essex, etc, counties in Ontario. Those rich Ontarians! Eh Alex. (Ha.)

So ya = Thursday to Baie-Comeau, Friday to Lab. City, Saturday to Happy Valley????? It all depends on weather/safety I suppose. I won't hit the ferry to NFLD in Blanc Sabon until Monday. No matter. Safety first of course my friends. Emails and updates will come as promptly as I can get them out.

Must make some phone calls. Must check out too!

I love you Shelly.

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