Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Prologue

In the words of Winston Churchill - if you feel like you're going through hell - keep going!

Man and machine. (Drew Macaulay and 2007 KTM 990.)

Shelly is just at school doing some finishing touches to get ready for the new school year. I am also doing some finishing up touches for what seems to be one helluva adventure; laundry, packing, booking some hotels, etcetera. I am feeling a bit nervous, like a school teacher on the first day, for what lies ahead.

As many of you know I am just officially starting a years sabatical. It has come at the best of times, and of the not so best of times, but not "worst". I just got married, as many of you know, on July 10th to my sweet, sweet baby Shelly. (I love you Shelly.) So the not so best of times refers to the fact that she'll be in Goderich working, and I"ll be enjoying not working, traveling, adventure..... You know.

The best of times refers to the fact that after 10 or 11 years of teaching (I started in September of 99 - help me with the math please) I will be enjoying a years off sabatical. It comes at a great time of my career - I am really, really enjoying working at Brookside and I'll miss Mike, Larry, Kathy, Liesa and the others dearly, however, it will certainly freshen me up for the next push. Have a great teaching year to all of my brothers and sisters who are reading this!

I have really enjoyed reading travel journals from various friends over the years like Rhys', Kites', Dave Martin's and most recently Brian Prout's spring European trip. I want to entertain and take you all on a journey with some creative writing and stunning photography. Remember, I only want to I can't promise I will.

My sweet baby Shelly just called - She'll be 20 more minutes. (Only 75 minutes late! - Don't worry Shelly, I am not exactly ready either.)

Okay - So I am off to Ottawa, Baie-Comeau, Labrador City, Happy Valley Goose Bay, Blanc-Sablon, Badger, and St. John's for this first part of the trip. That will take me until September 17th. I am eagerly awaiting Marion MacLeod's company in St. John's around the 15th or so. Marion - I have your phone number, but not an address - So please send me that. Halifax boys - let me know if a dirtball like me is welcome in your fair city around the 18th. This dirtball will need a shower for sure! (And a place to stay.....) Scott Cook - Bathurst by the 19th or 20th? (Coates - I'll see you for a run on Tuesday in Newmarket at 11:00 or so.)

Email me if anybody wants me to make a detour or an excursion.... I've already been told about some great hikes around Gros Morne National Park - I am really familiar with the ride home from North Sydney to Goderich..... But am willing to take different routes.

Anyhow = Please forward this to anyone who may be interested.

Stay posted.

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