Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 17

Thursday September 23rd, 2010

Toronto, ON - Guelph

Total Km –140 km (7269km)
Litres of Gas – 16L (405L)
Cost of Gas - $18 ($452.50)
Hotel - $0 ($463, 5 nights)
Camping - $0 ($15, 3 nights)
Ferry - $0 ($244.50, 3 crossings)
Running – 5km + 4km (88 km – 15 runs)
Toll Roads - $0 ($7.00 – 2 tolls)

Kites and I made our way downtown to a memorial site which honours police officers who have been killed in the line of duty. A running relay of 460 km was to start at 9:00, taking the participants from Toronto to Ottawa. Two of Goderich's finest, Stephen Beasley and Paul Dobos where there to run. They were part of a team of 12 other police officers. There were perhaps 20 teams in all. I know this Stephen feller pretty well, and I know Paul a bit too. So I thought since I was in Toronto it would be good to see them off on their journey. Good luck guys!

I wheeled out of Kiteley's and onto the Gardiner Expressway. The land's topography is very interesting in this part of Toronto. In case any of you are not aware....

First there is a good mix of industry and housing. The land is generally flat, but there has been no attempt to farm it. None at all. There isn't too many trees either. Most of the area is full of concrete and cement. The housing units probably span a few hundred feet high, while the industrious buildings are of a “bungalow” shape in nature. Everything is so close together here. Also, in case you didn't know, there are copious amounts of cars and trucks. All are mostly singularly occupied and getting no where fast.

I made a good attempt to read and pay attention to the vanity license plates I saw today. There was WASTD, TOODLES, and PLAYR. I saw a GRAMPS, VETRN, PETERS, SARAHS 40, and DR SKY. The most ridiculous ones though were attached to some of the most expensive cars on the road today. For example the plate BMW X5 was clinging to a, you guessed it, BMW x5, and the 50 something guy who undoubtedly looked like he was going through a mid life crisis had SL500 plated to his, how original, Mercedes SL 500 convertible.

And while I am thinking about it – I saw a few funny bumper stickers on the road too. The one that sticks out was ITHICA IS GORGES. But HONK IF YOU'RE HORNY made me grin the most. You get it? You honk a car horn!!!! Or was it Shelly I was thinking of..... Yes, it was Shelly. I remember now.

Anyhow I stopped in Burlington by noon to drop in on a great guy named Jordan Closs. He is just doing the good-dad-thing and taking a few months off with his one year old son while his wife is at work. Jordan is a pharmacist, so I knew if anybody could prescribe a good lotion for saddle sores, he'd be the one. (I forgot to ask him however....) Jordan fired up the stove and we had a good lunch together as he neglected his crying baby. I filled him in on how all of our mutual friends are doing, and he dissed what gossip of interest that concerns me. It was a great time. By 1:15 though he was taking his boy to a play group and I was back on the road. Take care buddy! I'll mark down another $15 in freebies and generosities for the lunch.

Guelph beckoned. I was skunked as I first pulled into the Tremain's with a locked door and nobody home. No big deal. I know they aren't far away. Plus my good mate Joel and his family live in Guelph too. Joel is one of those lazy teachers who is on a four over five this year. He is even going out to Rossland, BC to ski for the winter! What a guy..... Hey, wait a minute.... That story sounds a lot like....

So I hung out with Joel and his wife for a bit and helped him frame in a bit of a shed for a canoe. We chit chatted about this and that, but he was well aware of the exploits of yours truly over the past few weeks. I told him I would be by for breakfast in the morning and we could firm up some plans for this winter living out west. I doubled his wife Trista to a dentist appointment and made my way back to the familiar grounds of the Tremain's.

Rich and I went into Waterloo for a run and came home to a delicious dinner. ($25 freebie with a few beer, plus a nights stay for $90 or so.) We watched a bit of the baseball game. Josh Kramer came over. He is another Dennis Fairall's Grey Hair teammate. Josh travelled a bit this summer through Holland, so we exchanged a few stories about life on the road.

It was another early night though. Tomorrow brings me home.

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