Monday, September 20, 2010

Day (Nice) 12

Day 12 Saturday September 18th, 2010

Dartmouth, NS – Bathurst, NB

Total Km –480 km (5359km)
Litres of Gas – 30L (313L)
Cost of Gas - $33($356.25)
Hotel - $0 ($411, 4 nights)
Camping - $0 ($15, 3 nights)
Ferry - $0 ($244.50, 2 crossings)
Running – 7.5km (64.5km – 11 runs)
Toll Roads - $4.00 ($4.00 – 1 toll)

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“Every time you're here the weather is great”, noted Allison (3:00 pm). It's true. Every time I cross paths with my friends Scott and Allison in Bathurst, NB, the weather is terrific. Funny......

Before I crossed paths with them, I must mention about the other friends I've crossed paths with in the past 24 hours.

Alex, Crystal, and I went for a run in the rain. That is where we left off in the previous post. We made our way on a great 33 minute effort around the Dartmouth rowing lake. My spirits were instantly lifted to be with such great company. They are the type of people you can depend on. To Alex, Crystal, and their kids too, of course! See you on Wednesday in Peterborough, Alex.

Later in the evening, Alex and I met up with fellow Dennis Fairall's Grey Hairs teammate Doug Vincent. Doug lives about 1 mile from Alex, and an evening in Dartmouth would not be complete without a beer in his company. Doug and his wife graciously hosted Alex and I. Doug is a clutch guy, and he told me some awesome stories of adventure and solo travelling from his younger years. I totally understand and get his appetite for this type of journey.

Sunshine. Saturday morning.

The whole MacLeod family and I set sail for the Halifax airport by 9:30 am. Alex has a week in Ontario and his family took him there for the departure. I followed on my motorbike and parted with some photos and hugs, as I was travelling north and west as well, albeit at a slower pace.

I figured Truro would make an appropriate first stop. I was still craving a McDonald's breakfast, and Exit 14 provided such. Tour Bus! No way.

I can't believe it. Two days in a row. Another tour bus was idling in the parking lot and a new batch of seniors cued in the golden arches. They were different ones too. One old timer told me they were from Ohio, and they had 8 more days on the road. I have 8 more days too! Blasted.

I continued on facing an increase of all sorts of traffic throughout the day. Probably typical for a Saturday. I must have past 50 other motorbikes and dozens of R.V.s. I scuttled through Nova Scotia and into the flat agricultural plains of southern New Brunswick. Another change in the landscape. But just as quickly, the landscape changes again on the turnoff north past Shediac and up to Miramichi and Bathurst.

The pavement is smooth and true for this 200 km. However it does not provide passing lanes, and antsy drivers ferociously pass when it isn't safe to do so. Plus there is an increase of signage for moose crossings. Dotted along this stretch is thousands of metres worth of fencing. Every mile or so there is a one-way gate that allows a moose to enter the bush from the road. The gate system does not work in the opposite way. It is a necessary safety feature of this part of the highway.

I happily arrive at Scott and Allison's by mid afternoon. It has been 2 and a bit years since I saw Scott. He has not changed one bit. In fact, he looks exactly like he did the first day I met him on the third floor of Laurier Hall at the University of Windsor in September of 1994. We lived together for 4 years in Windsor on California Avenue. Words can't explain how regrettable a trip out east would be if I didn't make an effort to visit this wonderful guy and his wife. There was a lot of catching up to do – I think we got most of it under control.

I went for a great run for 33 minutes and we jumped into the water for a bit of a swim. The water temperature was pretty cold. Probably mid to low 60.

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