Monday, September 20, 2010

Mount Carleton

Day 13 Sunday September 19th, 2010

Mount Carleton, NB

Total Km –0 km (5359km)
Litres of Gas – 0L (313L)
Cost of Gas - $0($356.25)
Hotel - $0 ($411, 4 nights)
Camping - $0 ($15, 3 nights)
Ferry - $0 ($244.50, 2 crossings)
Running – 0 km (64.5km – 11 runs)
Toll Roads - $0 ($4.00 – 1 toll)

Mount Carleton is the highest point in the Maritimes at 820m high. It is about 100 km from Bathurst, and Scott, Allison, and I made the kill to conquer it. The hike would be 9 km long, and it ascended over varying terrain. Pictures would be perfect right now however.....

First it was foggy. Thick fog and cloud cover surrounded us throughout the hike. There would be no panoramic shots exposed as the visibility extended half a kilometre in all directions.

Second there was no battery power in the camera. No more explanation needed.

By the time it took to drive there, hike, and get home a good chunk of the day passed. No run would be necessary today. There is still a few things to do to get ready to continue west. I am just completing some finishing touches on laundry and routing a way home. I am planning on passing through Presque Ilse, ME to Bangor, ME. From there I would like to scoot across Highway 2 and into towns such as Newport, ME, Rumford, ME, and Gorman, NH. I will continue until I hit Interstate 89 north. I will cross into Canada at Roosevoltown, NY. It isn't the most direct way home – but no matter.

I am still hoping to be in Peterborough on Wednesday to see the MacLeod's again, and Thursday I might stop into visit Jordan, or Drew, or the Tremain's..... Whomever has the best offer! Friday – Goderich.

For dinner we had a delicious meal of steak, potatoes, and salad.  Allison left to go to her band rehersal, she plays the clarinet, and Scott and I played some cribbage and watched football.  I was in bed by 10:30.

Thanks Scott, for being a great host.  I'll see you another time.

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