Friday, August 24, 2012

Whiskey Lake

Alpena, MI - Whiskey Lake, ON

Kilometrage - 680 km
Gas - $51.50
Litres - 33L
Tolls - $7.25

I had a decent night camping - although the Holiday Inn would have been nice, and got up by 7:30.  I took my time gathering my things and was officially on the road by 9:00 or so heading north along M-23.

In places the road really hugs the eastern shore of Lake Huron.  And of course in places it doesn’t.  But when it does, it is a nice ride.  The nicest area I remember was a dead ringer for the sand dunes around Sauble Beach.  The beaches were sandy, but could tell the first 50 feet of water was rock however.  They were sticking up out of the water noticeably.  The cottagers had all of their water crafts on elevated steel or wooden hoists. 

Eventually I got up to Mackinaw City and was off the bike for a 60 minute walk around town - and I will tell you it is a really nice place.  There was just a lot of neat stores and bakeries and things of that nature.  Of course the big draw is the ferry shuttling over to Mackinaw Island.  Apparently they have banned cars and motorized vehicle there for pretty much ever.  I left there thinking it would be a great spot to go back to and spend more time exploring its many options.

I gassed up, crossed the Mackinaw Bridge for the 3rd time in my life, and headed up Tehq. Falls up near Paridise, MI.  The spot really isn’t called “Tehq.”, but rather a short form for a seventeen letter native American name that I can’t spell correctly without looking it up.  It rhymes with phenomenon, anyway....  It is one of, or the biggest falls east of the Mississippi (except Niagara...)  It has a 50 foot drop and is a bit less than spectacular.  There is an upper Tehq. Falls, as well as a lower separated by 4 miles.  I just sussed out the Upper and got the main idea, so I didn’t venture down to the lower section.  However it was quite the popular spot with plenty of tourists.

Onto the Sault.

Into the Soo.

Soo Saint Marie was a busy, busy place.  It took about 50 minutes to get out to Hwy. 17.  But I got out and was thankful for it.  It was now close to half past four, and I knew I would be 2 hrs or more to get to Massey, ON, so I made quick work on the road going much faster then I should have.

The road into Whiskey Lake was amazing.  It was 50km of the twistiest and curviest gravel I have ever been on.  The gravel was in great condition, but the technical difficulties driving on it was difficult.  Plus, I was going much, much too fast in spots.  Pictures would be suitable and appropriate now, but all I have to show are the road signs - I wanted to take video and pictures, but didn't of the actual road.


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