Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I have lost most to all of my July pictures due to computer failure.  Oh well - my little Toshiba lasted just one month shy of two years.  But alas, it bit the dust and I can't (or Jeff Bakker can't) get it to load back up.  No matter - I just had my July pictures on it.  Everything else had little to no importance.

Anyhow - I just thought I would put on a few new pictures.  Molly is really keen on sitting up all of the time and enjoys to be toted around by the neighbours.
I just can't believe how much bigger she is getting and long - although we haven't measured her in quite sometime.  I would estimate she is in between 80 - 90 centimetres?  I will put a tape on her when she is calmed down and not so skirmy. She weighs around 17 pounds these days as well - I don't know how that relates to 9 months of age, but to me it seems big especially considering how she started.

And just another picture of Alex Barisdale and I.  Alex's dad, Drew, is a very dear friend of mine and they were in Goderich the other day for a swim at the beach and just a hang-out day.  We had a few beers, playing the guitars too - What a terrific day!


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