Monday, August 20, 2012

Alpena, Michigan

Kilometrage - 630km
Fuel - $49
Litres - 36L
Tolls - $3.25
Lodging - $23

Wow!  Back on the road on a bit of a trip around the perimetre of Lake Huron.  I made it to Alpena, MI today taking the shoreline around.  I ripped down to Sarnia - crossed the border which there was more traffic and congestion then I thought...  And got up to this awesome campground that is simply called "Summer Campground" or something like that.  It is a busy spot and the amenities are straight from the 80s, as one would expect.  Except for the free WiFi....  It is great to be here!  (I almost caved and went to the Holiday Inn, but no, I brought my camping stuff...)

So anyway - the perimetre of Lake Huron seems to be the exact same on both shores.  The first 100k up here I was surprised that there was very little farming and agriculture.  I was also shocked what a hole Harbor Beach was - I thought it would be like Goderich cloned, but no, it was like crap cloned....  So I basically kept on the gas through there.

I took a bit of a break for a Timmies in Bay City - And I got gas in a neat spot before there.  But nothing jumped out at me so I just kept on up M-25, then the M-23.

One thing that was noticeable was all the stuff for sale along the way.  Every mile there was a boat, RV, motorcycle, trucks, four-wheelers, and the like with "For Sale" signs on them - Although not too much land, houses, or farms.  Some, but not many on the shoreline.

Another thing I noticed was going through communities with "Sauble" in the name....  It has to be purposeful and significant since "Sauble Beach", ON is also on the Lake Huron Shoreline.

Anyhow - all is good and there was a lot of crazy drivers.  I witnessed one very-near miss, and a few other misses.....  Michigan drivers never yield right on multi-laned highways to allow faster traffic through.  I piggy-backed with a Goldwing motorcyclist with a trailer from Alberta for 60 miles, and he was livid at the lack on respect on the road.  Me - I have had my wits on tight and given plenty of room to all on the road.  I saw one fairly large doe in the ditch within a telephone pole from me and it looked like she was itch'n to run across directly in my path...  Thankfully she didn't.

Unfortunately my pictures down seem to be coming up - I will sign off before I loose everything I have typed and will try again another time....

So I am going to keep making my way north and cross into Ontario at Soo Sault Marie...  Over to Massey, On, up to Whiskey Lake, and then back to Goderich...

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