Thursday, August 30, 2012

Go Down Swing'n

Sorry teachers, but Bill C-115 is going to pass and it doesn't look too terribly great for the labour movement and workers in all public fields...  However, thousands of teachers, children support workers, and members of various labour unions met Tuesday at Queen's Park to voice our displeasure with what the Liberal gov't and Conservatives are up to - So if you are going to go down, you might as well go with a fight.  We did.  We are.  I hope it makes a difference in the long run.
So anyway - on the same subject, kind of - labour, the Huron District Labour Council is hosting its 12th annual Labour Day Parade this Saturday at 1:30.  It starts at South Street on the Square and we are just going to parade twice around the square.  It is simply a parade to recognize all workers, from all sectors, and the hard work and collective strength they represent.  No politics at this event.  No protesting or debating.  I mean we all work.  We all contribute.  So it is a day to celebrate that.  I have a poster for the event, but it is just in .pdf file and I don't know how to get it in here...  No big deal.  1:30 on Saturday.  Hope to see many of you....

These next few pictures were taken by Sally Wright a month ago.  I can't remember where Shelly was, perhaps at a softball tournament, but Molly and I were bouncing around and in our travels we made our way out to Dungannon, which isn't too uncommon anyway.

And in other good news, Shelly indicated that she got the hints in the last post about those X-Mas gifts which would be really nice.  Shelly would want something from this store I was in in Mackinaw City:

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