Saturday, August 25, 2012

Big Smoke

Whiskey Lake - Toronto

Kilometrage - 560km
Gas - $34
Litres - 24L
Tolls/Ferry $7.00 

I started the 50 km out of camp excited.  But I will tell you - I was not warmed up whatsoever on the bike and as a result I felt as if I wasn't driving with my "A" game - You just can't push yourself cold whether it is in sport, driving, writing, drinking, cleaning, laundry, (all of those things I regularly do) and expect to start off with any gusto.  So, I was shaky and quite nervous to tell you the truth - It was the exact opposite of driving in.  Any - I made it out without dumping, and was happy for it.

I ripped to Sudbury no problem, and started off down the highway to Parry Sound.  I had only driven about 200km or so with the gas I had, and figured I would just get some petrol outside of Canada's nickel capital when I saw a good spot.  50km went by, nothing - then another 40 or so - nothing.  Parry Sound was another 60km and I thought there would be no way I would make it there on what gas I had left.  (I don't have a fuel gauge/indicator on the bike - I just reset my tack and figure I can drive about 330 km or so on the less then 20L it holds....)  Anyway - I stopped at Grundy's Landing I think it is called....  Not a great story....  It has no significance to the trip.

I was driving pretty fast actually - I was going to be a bit tight for time to get to Front and Bay Streets in Toronto to meet up with Kites and Kaya and jump on the ferry.  And I kept looking at the time, and looking at the gas, and I thought I would get to Toronto perfectly at 300km of driving - but I thought I should get once more gas stop in so that I don't have to find it in Toronto on |Friday morning.....  I ended up stopping again past Innisfill, to refuel, and would have lots of juice in the tank.

It was hot, and of course the traffic was nasty.  From York University basically the traffic was backed up all the way to the 401, and of course it was then backed up on the the 401 - I went west, then south down the 427 to get me downtown - That was an hour - The bike was smoking hot, I was hot, I was a bit nervous too I suppose....  All of those things.  Anyway, I parked my bike where a group of 6 or 7 other motorcycles parked their rides off a walkway path.  There was a feller there getting off of work and onto his motorbike and was really interested as to where I have been and where I was going....  We made chit-chat and said he parks his bike here all of the time and has never been hassled.  That was good enough for me.

So I was waiting for Kites and within 2 minutes I spot Dennis and Janet Fairall.  We said hello and how's it going - They were off to a play, but I will see Dennis in September when he brings the Lancer Men & Women's XC teams to Goderich for their trainning camp.  I was really surprised to see them....

Anyhow - the 3 of us; Kites, Kaya, and I went over to Toronto Island because their was a 4 mile fun run...  Kites and Kaya raced, I watched and cheered.  We scooted back to the mainland and went out for some beer and wings in Liberty Village where they live.  And by then it was 10:30 or so and we were all ready for bed. 

I just think my friends Mark and Kaya are superb and they also hosted me in wonderful form - I will see them next in November at their wedding - Congrats guys.

Not one picture taken - Shame.  I know.  It happens some times.

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