Sunday, August 5, 2012

Crush'n The Final Few Tires

So I wrangled up 40 tires or so the other day.  I searched here and there, and that was about all I saw.  Yes, there are still a few kicking around.  So I had them organized and the crusher was hooked up and ready for a light workout. 

The crusher has been working terrific!  It has done all she has been asked to do and more of late; from 1 tonne truck tires, to the doughnuts, it squeezes casters like a teenager on a zit.  Pop.  Out comes the rubber.  I will be sad to let the thing go - After all we've been through (4,000 crushed tires +/- 100) I feel like we have a great relationship and we understand one another. 
When you have been sore and injured, I have taken you to the machinist to be welded.  When you were rusty and stiff, I have greased your chassis.  I have  treated you with lots of respect and dignity.  I never asked you to crush a tire that was too big or difficult.  I saw how I could make your job easier by adding guides and implementations, and did so.  I love you tire crusher and I will find the very best home for you in the near future.

Now tire crusher - I love you quite a lot.  Not as much as Shelly or Molly.  Not as much as family or friends even.  You are somewhere in that category between my old pet dog B.J., yet higher then Mango the cat.

Alas, I was a bit sad to think that we will inevitably go our separate ways very soon.  So I went for a solo walk to gather my feelings on this issue.  And what did I see?  15 more tires to crush!

Hurray tire crusher!  Hurray!  We stay together.

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