Friday, August 24, 2012

3rd Day of Trip

On the third day, Wednesday, I wasn't on the bike, but rather fooling around up at the cottage with the owners Brad & April Schumacker, as well as their kids.  The lake is basically 36 square km big (6km x 6km) so there is lots of exploring and things to check out. 

We started the day with a fantastic cottage breakfast scoff after 10 in the morning...  We back up the pontoon boat with a few hours worth of supplies, and set off.  We started trolling for lake trout.  We could have went bass fishing, but I can do that anytime here, and really was set on catching a foot long, 2 or 3 pound lake trout.  To make a long story short - nothing.  We caught one, but it was me.  The day before they had caught something like 8, the boat beside us caught 5 nice ones, us, me, nothing...  Oh well.

Then we went to an isolated beach and had a picnic lunch.  Since there was about 10 of us, we all had something on the go; some played Frisbee, the younger two kids went frog hunting, some of the ladies just sunned themselves.  April and Brad's eldest and I hiked a few hundred metres and went cliff diving.  Okay - it was more like jumping off 8 - 10 foot rock outcrops...  But we jumped off of them a few times and were proud of our bravery since we had no clue about how deep the water was - We could just tell it was deep though.....

A few hours later we went to this really fun swimming hole near the cottage, but you still have to boat there.  I think it was called Bear Creek Falls.  The water was plenty warm and fun to play around in.  They have a rope so that the current doesn't drag you about haphazardly - It was a neat spot to be at.  In the spring it is absolutely rage'n with all of the extra water, but it really wasn't that tough to be at or in this time of year.
I just can't say enough about how great it was to get up to this place.  The hospitality of my hosts, the comforts of the surroundings, and so on were just superb!  I helped out Brad a bit on Thursday at a few of his bear baiting locations as he doubles as a bear hunting guide throughout September.  We had to blaze and clear some trails, drop of a four wheeler, and set up a great spot where one of his clients might get them self a black bear.  Brad got attacked by bees in the process of cutting some trees with his chainsaw - But I managed to escape without being bit - My fast running I suppose.

More pictures would certainly be appropriate, as well as more detailed explanations - but I will leave you to explore more about this great area if you are so inclined.

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