Saturday, August 25, 2012

Trip Recap

My overall stats for the trip are:

Kilometrage - 2095km (Seems like too many klicks, but no, that is correct)
Fuel - 100L  (This makes sense because I usually average 5L per 100km)
Gas - $145 (This makes sense as gas is generally $1.45 for premium)
Tolls/Ferries - $17.50
Lodging - $23 (3 free nights @ friends....)

On the final day, Friday, I drove home from Liberty Village (CNE basically in Toronto to Goderich).  I gassed up in Stratford - so I still have 10 plus litres in the tank....  I didn't have to fight traffic which was nice.  The morning started with an hour run - I ran with Kites to work right near Queen's Park, then back to his place....  I stopped at my buddies Drew's in Kitchener because I bought a gift for him on the trip, but he wasn't home.  I wasn't about to leave it in the mailbox because it is mostly illegal!  You'll have to wait Drewski to find out what it is - Know that I think it is pretty rad.

The highlight of the trip is of course getting home safe and alive!  That is first priority with any such adventure. (A tire on a transport truck blew out about 100 feet in front of me by Milton and I dodged a good deal of rubber - It was thunderously loud too - Scared the hell out of me.)  It was terrific to get home and see my two beautiful girls.  Aside from that, just being on the road and having the opportunity was the second highlight - you know, just being out there.  Whiskey Lake was awesome!  The gravel road was such a fun ride.  A lastly just seeing my friends on the road and meeting new people was also a highlight.....

My regrets are not taking more pictures or video of the Whiskey Lake road...  Not taking pictures of Kites and Kaya -  not having more pictures....   I also sort of regret the week writing of the last few postings and not being as creative on the content and write up - Oh well.  I also regret and will try not to push or rush driving on the bike.  I need to relax more and just go with the flow, instead of leading the charge of  the flow. Not a regret, but I packed too much of course - but how do you know.  I also thought about who I didn't see and wished to visit as I had this time - but it was just impossible to do everything I wanted.  So I do regret not visiting with more of my fine friends out there....

The bike was amazing!!!  It has been having this habit of spitting out the coolant from its overflow tube - which means it is working properly because that is its function, but it is sort of annoying.  I am going to buy a few things though.  A proper GPS set-up for it.  I used one that was laid flat in a tank bag - That does not work at all because of the glares and such.  I am also going to get some flip up and down highway pegs.  Oh, and a set of additional halogen fog lights that the BMW has....  But the bike is awesome - I really endorse the KTM 990.  I get so many looks and questions about it.  Gloves = I need new gloves too for riding.

Anyhow - great to be back home, like I wrote, and being with the terrific family that I have.

And hopefully Shelly reads this so she has some ideas about what to get me for Christmas.

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